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Charter Launches “Spectrum One,” A $49.99 Internet & Mobile Phone Plan Bundle

Charter Communications Introduces Spectrum One Internet And Mobile Plan Bundle
Charter Communications Introduces Spectrum One Internet And Mobile Plan Bundle
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Charter Communication's Spectrum Mobile has been rapidly accumulating subscribers. In July of 2022, Charter announced Spectrum Mobile had amassed 4.3m subscribers up a whopping 1.3m subs year over year and 344,000 from the previous quarter. Now the brand looks to further accelerate growth with the launch of a specially priced bundle option for new customers and a price drop on its unlimited plans.

During the last week, in a market local to BestMVNO, multiple radio and TV ads announcing a new offer from Spectrum Mobile have aired. The pitch is for a new bundle called "Spectrum One." Spectrum One will give customers internet, plus advanced WiFi, and a single mobile line for $49.99/month for 12 months.

Spectrum's website is advertising the normal price of the individual components making up the bundle to be the following:

  • 300Mbps internet - $49.99/mo
  • Advanced WiFi - $5/mo
  • Unlimited Mobile line - $29.99/mo per line

Adding up each individual cost, at a price of $84.98, the 1-year introductory bundle price savings is at least $34.99/month.

Advanced WiFi is a feature from Spectrum that the company claims to provide "best-in-class" security and privacy across all your connected devices. The company says advanced WiFi automatically blocks threats and malicious websites.

BestMVNO spoke to Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research about the new ads and Spectrum One plan. He commented that the TV and radio ads started airing on 10/4 and that it's an all-out advertising blitz. In less than a week's time, the radio ads have already aired over 6,000 times, while four TV ads have combined to air over 2,500 times. There are three TV ads airing in English and one in Spanish.

“Wireless/wireline convergence is a megatrend in the U.S. telecom market. The cablecos are bundling wireless access with cable broadband, while T-Mobile and Verizon are bundling Internet with their top wireless plans. The launch of Spectrum One is a milestone in this convergence.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

Spectrum One "Future Of Connectivity"

One of the new TV ads, which you can watch below, is called the "Future of Connectivity." It starts off by telling viewers that the future of connectivity is here. Mobile and internet work hand in hand to create ONE seamless network that works to automatically block threats. The ad continues by stating that the network is powerful enough to run cities, yet made for you.

Viewers are then introduced to Spectrum One as; "internet, advanced WiFi, and mobile working together as one." However, no price point is mentioned.

A more elaborate TV ad has also been released called the "Internet of You." This one is similarly themed to the Future of Connectivity ad. Viewers are told Spectrum is bringing them seamless connectivity across all of their devices. They're then introduced to Spectrum One with "Spectrum Internet with speeds of 300Mbps, advanced WiFi, and Spectrum Mobile unlimited all for just $49.99/month." You can watch the full ad below.


An English TV ad with similar themes to the above, called "Real News," was also launched. The ad places an additional emphasis on network reliability.

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Phone Plans Got A Price Drop

The Spectrum One bundle isn't the only recent change at Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum seems to have also updated the pricing of its two unlimited phone plans. Customers can now get Spectrum Mobile's base unlimited plan with 20GB of high-speed data before throttling to 1Mbps with 480p video streaming for just $29.99/line. It was previously $45 for the first line, or $29.99 when you had two or more lines. Spectrum Mobile's flagship unlimited plan with 30GB of high-speed data and 1080p video streaming is now $39.99/line instead of $55 for one line and $39.99 for two or more lines. Both plans require Spectrum Internet service to get those prices. Customers can also mix and match plans. Subscribers that cancel their internet service will have to pay an additional $10/month per unlimited plan line. This is a reduction in price, as it was previously $20/month per unlimited line.

Spectrum Add-A Line For Free Promo

Update 10/31/22

Today, 10/31/22, Charter Communications put out a press release formally announcing to the press its Spectrum One bundle deal. In the press release, the company announced a new add-a-line for free promo. An excerpt from the release reads:

"Current non-Mobile subscribers who switch to Spectrum Mobile and buy an Unlimited line for $29.99/month will get an additional Unlimited line free for 12 months, a savings of nearly $360 during the one-year promotional period. And existing Spectrum Mobile customers who add an Unlimited line for $29.99/month will get an additional line free for 12 months."

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