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Red Pocket Mobile Appears To Now Offer Unthrottled Data Speeds On The Verizon Network

Red Pocket Mobile Now Offering Uncapped Data Speeds On Verizon's Network
Red Pocket Mobile Appears To Now Be Offering Uncapped Data Speeds On Verizon's Network
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I recently began testing service on Red Pocket Mobile for an upcoming review that I will be doing.  I ordered a SIM kit and plan through Amazon.

Red Pocket Mobile allows you to use any major wireless network for service.  The SIM kit I ordered came with 3 different SIM cards. One that could be used with AT&T, one for T-Mobile and one for the Verizon network.  A Sprint SIM was not included, but the company said any Sprint SIM you have laying around would work.  I opted to use the included CDMAV SIM, which uses Verizon's network to provide service.

Thus far, in my limited testing of the service, I have been surprised to see that I've been able to get data speeds as fast as 34 Mbps with ping times as low as 46 ms.

Red Pocket Mobile CDMAV Data Speed Tests
Red Pocket Mobile CDMAV Data Speed Tests

For the longest time, Verizon MVNO's had their data speeds limited to just 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.  However, back in August Tracfone owned brands became the first Verizon MVNO's to have their data speed restrictions lifted. Soon thereafter US Mobile announced new plans on the Verizon network that also lacked those speed restrictions.  In December Boom Mobile proclaimed that it would start testing unthrottled data speeds.

To date, Red Pocket Mobile has not formally announced any such changes to their Verizon based network plans.  However, my speed tests indicate things have clearly changed.  In fact, for a few days, I even had access to VoLTE.  I'm not sure if the VoLTE access was a glitch or something that Red Pocket Mobile is testing because I no longer have it.

With the changes at Red Pocket Mobile, it seems likely that Verizon has finally ended the data speed restrictions that it had in place with most, if not all of its major MVNO partners.

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