NET10 Wireless eBay Exclusive Annual Plans Are Now Discounted

NET10 eBay Exclusive Annual Plans On Sale, Get 5GB Of Data On Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile For $16.58/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 24, 2019
Last month NET10 Wireless launched some limited time offer eBay exclusive plans.  One annual plan featured unlimited everything with the first 5GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds for $239.99.  The other annual plan offered unlimited everything with the first 1GB of data each month at 4G
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Net10 Now Selling Annual Plans Through eBay With Limited Time Availability

Net10 Now Offering eBay Exclusive Annual Plans, Get 5GB Data For $20/Month

Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2019
Net10 Wireless is now selling two annual plans exclusively through eBay.  The plans are both listed as being available for a limited time. 1GB Data Plan The cheaper of the two plans being offered includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 1GB of data each month at 4G
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Tracfone Brand SIMS Are 99c At Amazon And Include $25 Amazon Gift Card Upon Activation

Tracfone SIMS Like Total Wireless Are 99c From Amazon, Get $25 Amazon Gift Card When You Activate

Joe Paonessa - Mar 5, 2019
Amazon and Tracfone are currently running a promotion.  Tracfone brand SIM cards which include those from Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Tracfone, and Net10 Wireless are currently selling for 99¢ on Amazon.  Those who purchase a SIM card and activate it will receive a $25 Amazon Gift card. Offer Details And
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New Plans May Be On The Way From NET10 Wireless

NET10 Wireless May Soon Be Offering Multi-Line Plans, Get 2 Lines With 8GB Data Each For $75/Month

Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2019
It looks like NET10 Wireless may soon follow in the footsteps of its sister brand Straight Talk Wireless by offering multi-line discount plans.  Youtuber Mil Hustles recently sent over to BestMVNO some screenshots of wireless plans that may be destined to launch by NET10. One such plan is a multi-line unlimited
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NET10 Wireless Has A New Plan Priced At $20/Month

NET10 Wireless Launched New $20 Plan With 1GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Jan 24, 2019
Check out the BestMVNO news feed and you’ll notice that there has been a lot of change in the prepaid wireless market over the past couple of weeks.  There was a major buyout, and numerous providers have updated their wireless plans making them a better value for the consumer.  You
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Net10 Wireless Plans Now Include More Data For 2019

Net10 Wireless Started 2019 By Adding More Data To Plans, Ending Double Data For Life Promo

Joe Paonessa - Jan 14, 2019
Net10 Wireless started 2019 as promised.  The multi-carrier MVNO put an end to its double data for life promotion.  The promotion offered new customers on its $35 and $40 plans 4GB and 8GB of data respectively.  As it sometimes occurs with these types of promotions, the offers have been made permanent.
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NET10 Wireless Offering Double The Data On Select Plans

NET10 Wireless Offering Double Data For Life On Select Plans

Joe Paonessa - Sep 7, 2018
Net10 Wireless has brought back double data for life on select plans.  It is a similar promotion to what NET10 offered last year at this time.  Last year customers got double data for life on all plans.  This time it’s only available on the $35 and $40 plans. NET10 Wireless
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NET10 Wireless Offering Fifty Percent More Data For Life To New Customers

NET10 Giving Away 50% More Data For Life To New Subscribers

Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2018
NET10 Wireless is currently running a promotion that offers new subscribers 50% more data on select plans.  Subscribers who signup for those plans will get the extra data allotments for as long as they remain on them.  NET10 doesn’t say this on their website, but a chat I had with
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Net10 Unlimited LTE Data Galaxy On5 Bundle

Net10 May Become The Next TracFone Brand To Offer Unlimited LTE Data

Joe Paonessa - May 15, 2018
Net10 Wireless looks like it is now bundling an unlimited LTE data plan with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy On5.  Last time I saw a TracFone owned brand do this was with Straight Talk Wireless.  At that time Straight Talk was offering an unlimited LTE data plan with the
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TracFone Owned Brands Offering 30% Off Phone + Airtime Purchase Bundles

Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Net10, TracFone, Total Wireless Offering 30% Off Phone & Airtime Bundles With Free Shipping

Joe Paonessa - Nov 3, 2017
TracFone owned brands Straight Talk and Total Wireless are both offering 30% off select phones with the purchase of an airtime card.  Free overnight shipping is also included.  Keep in mind free overnight shipping with TracFone owned brands often means when the order is ready, it will ship overnight.  Sometimes it
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Net10 Wireless Announces Double The Data Promo

Net10 Introduces Double Data For Life, Get 8 GB Of Data For $40 On Any Network

Joe Paonessa - Aug 29, 2017
Net10 has just launched a promotion for new customers that is valid now through 11/26/17.  Customers who activate service with Net10 by the promotion’s end date will get double the data for life.  All of Net10 Wireless’s cell phone plans are eligible for this offer. With the double the data for
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NET10 Wireless Upgrades Phone Plans For 2017

NET10 Wireless Follows Straight Talk, Adds More Data To Its Phone Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jun 25, 2017
A few weeks ago, Straight Talk Wireless updated its cell phone plans to include more data. With those changes, many wondered if NET10 Wireless would follow suite.  Both companies are owned by TracFone, and historically, NET10 Wireless had always largely mirrored Straight Talk’s phone plans, although they have begun to
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Net10 and Straight Talk 10GB Data Plans

Straight Talk and NET10 Add New Plans Featuring 10 GB LTE Data For $55/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 11, 2016
Sister brands Straight Talk Wireless and NET10 have added some new cell phone plans to their arsenal.  Unlike some of their other plans, their new cell phone plans are priced a bit differently and the same plans are not offered for each brand. NET10’s New Cell Phone Plans Both of
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Straight Talk $45 5 GB 4G LTE Data Plan

Net10 an Straight Talk Both Up Data Select Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2015
Sister MVNOs Net10 Wireless and Straight Talk have upped data on what is likely their most popular plans.  Straight Talk Wireless’s $45 plan and Net10’s $50 plan ($45 with autopay) both recently got a data boost.  Previously the plans only included 3 GB of LTE data, or strangely 5 GB
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NET10 offers 5GB LTE Data if you BYOD

NET10 Announces New Rate Plans

Joe Paonessa - May 7, 2015
NET10 Offers 5GB LTE Data Promotion if you BYOD Hot on the heals of Straight Talk’s recent plan change, it seems NET10 has one of their own. This should come as no surprise as they are essentially the same company. Just like Straight Talk did, this multi carrier MVNO is
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