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Net10 Wireless Is Running Another Double Data Promo

NET10 Wireless Has A New Double Data Promo
NET10 Wireless Has A New Double Data Promo
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NET10 Wireless is running a double data promo, but it is unfortunately limited to just one plan. The Tracfone owned MVNO's $20 plan now includes 2GB of data at high-speed instead of 1GB. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited 2G data after the high-speed allotment gets consumed.

This promo is limited to new customers only. It is not available to those porting in from other Tracfone brands such as Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless. The double data offer is scheduled to be available until at least 6/30/2020. Customers who subscribe to the plan will get double data for life as long as they remain active on the plan with uninterrupted service.

Net10 Wireless Phone Deals To Match

Compared to some of the other Tracfone owned brands, NET10 Wireless is a bit weak in the number of phones that it carries. Just 13 phones are currently available for purchase and about 1/4 of them are reconditioned. However, all are available at a discount right now when purchased with any NET10 Wireless plan including the $20 plan being offered with double data to new customers.

The following phones can be purchased at a discount:

  • Samsung Galaxy J2 $39.99, regularly $59.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A10E $99.99, regularly $139.99
  • iPhone 7 $199.99, regularly $249.99
  • MOTO E6 $49.99, regularly $69.99
  • LG Journey LTE $49.99, regularly $69.99
  • MOTO E5 $29.99, regularly $49.99
  • BLU VIEW 1 $29.99, regularly $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit $39.99, regularly $59.99
  • LG Rebel 4 $19.99, regularly $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Reconditioned $39.99, regularly $59.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit Reconditioned $19.99, regularly $49.99
  • TCL LX $19.99, regularly $39.99
  • Alcatel MYFLIP Reconditioned $9.99, regularly $19.99

Those that want NET10's double data offer do not need to purchase a phone from the company. Bring your own device is supported. NET10 operates on the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks, so subscribers bringing their own phones must have one that is compatible with either of those networks.

Editor's Take

NET10 Wireless has become a forgotten brand for Tracfone, one that is more of an afterthought. The brand isn't pushed hard in stores and does not get marketed with heavy ad spending the way other Tracfone brands such as Straight Talk Wireless do. NET10 also generally doesn't carry the latest phones. With that being said, NET10's latest promo does help differentiate the brand a little from the others. NET10 now offers the best-valued plan at the $20 price point compared to the other Tracfone brands. The other brands are only offering 1GB of data at that price to go along with unlimited talk and text.

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