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Mint Mobile Phones Now Sold In Target Stores

Mint Mobile Phones Now Available At Target Stores
Mint Mobile Phones Now Available At Target Stores
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Mint Mobile has taken its next big step in wireless. BestMVNO has observed Mint Mobile phones being sold in a local Target store. Several Samsung models as well as the iPhone SE are being sold with Mint Mobile branding on the packaging. The phones all include 6-months of free phone service for new customers. There was a new display up to showcase the phones.

What Mint Mobile Phone Bundles Are At Target?

There are a total of four phone and plan bundles being sold through Target stores and there's an additional option available online at The phones sold in stores and online are listed below with their prices highlighted.

  • Samsung Galaxy A02s - $209.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A12 - $269.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G - $369.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (online only) - pricing and availability coming soon
  • Apple iPhone SE - $489.99

BestMVNO observed pegs put up in-store to hang each phone model from. However, only the Samsung Galaxy A12 was in stock. Some of the same deals also seem to be available through while there are also some exclusive ones.

Mint Mobile Phone And Plan Bundle Options In Target Stores
Mint Mobile Phone And Plan Bundle Options In Target Stores

Mint Mobile is advertising in Target stores that NEW customers who purchase a phone will get a full year of service for half the price, equivalent to $90 in savings. The phones are being bundled with Mint Mobile's plan that includes 4GB of monthly high-speed data. The plan also includes unlimited talk & text, mobile hotspot usage, and international calling to Mexico and Canada at no extra charge. The plan normally costs $180 for 12 months of wireless service, and $120 for 6 months. New customers can get a trial rate of the 3-month plan for $45. The 3-month plan has a regular price of $75 and an average cost of $25/month.

The Mint Mobile phone and plan bundles being sold at Target will be available while supplies last. There is a limit of two bundles allowed per customer.

Mint Mobile Target Phone And Plan Bundle Fine Print
Mint Mobile Target Phone And Plan Bundle Fine Print

One thing that seems a bit unclear is what happens to current customers who buy one of the phone bundles at Target. Presumably, they'll receive 6 months of wireless service instead of 12. BestMVNO has reached out to a Mint Mobile representative for further clarification. Update: A representative from Mint Mobile has told BestMVNO that service is not transferable from one SIM to another. However, it was still not clarified if a current customer buying the phone would be able to get any account credits. A current customer attempting to buy the phone would be paying $90 above the normal price of the phone.

Mint Mobile has been making headway over the last several months to strengthen its national retail presence. In March of 2021, BestMVNO reported that Mint Mobile had launched in Target stores. In May of 2021, Mint Mobile began to support its Target launch by airing TV commercials announcing it.

Mint Mobile is also carried at Best Buy. Mint began selling in that store in August of 2017. Last week, BestMVNO reported that Mint Mobile is offering a Best Buy exclusive deal. Customers with a phone not previously used on Mint in the past 90 days can buy 3-months of service and get 3-months free. Customers who buy a plan in the store or online at Best Buy can also get a free copy of the movie Free Guy. The movie offer is also available as an online-only option through Target. Mint Mobile has launched a TV commercial, which you can view below, to promote the Best Buy Free Guy movie offer.


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