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Harbor Mobile Is Discontinuing Service For Its Remaining T-Mobile Customers
Harbor Mobile Legacy Subscribers Need To Find A New Provider
Joe Paonessa - Nov 10, 2017
Harbor Mobile was a T-Mobile and ATT business plan reseller. Over two years ago the company stopped selling service on the T-Mobile network.  At that time its customers were told that they would be able to keep their T-Mobile based plans indefinitely as Harbor Mobile converted over to an AT&T
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Harbor Mobile Forced To End Service As AT&T Reseller, Customers Have Until May 8th To Port Out
Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2016
A visitor sent in a tip that Harbor Mobile has informed him via text message that they will no longer be offering service on the AT&T network as an AT&T reseller.  The claim was also backed up by a post on the Harbor Mobile website. Unfortunately, subscribers will have
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Harbor Mobile Offering Promotional Rates
AT&T Business Plan Reseller Harbor Mobile Discounts Plans: Featuring 4.5GB LTE Data $35/Month
Joe Paonessa - Jan 10, 2016
Harbor Mobile is a service provider that resells AT&T business cell phone plans.  In an attempt to gain more subscribers the company is currently offering promotional rates for some of its cell phone plans. All of the companies no contract cell phone plans include domestic roaming, unlimited talk and text,
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Harbor Mobile Officially Relaunched as ATT Reseller of Business Plans
Joe Paonessa - Nov 4, 2015
After several months of having a website that said website under construction and new plans coming soon, the day has finally arrived for Harbor Mobile to release its new website and plans.  The company’s new website features a tagline that reads: Designed for business, we have the perfect AT&T plans
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Harbor Mobile Is Discontinuing Service For Its Remaining T-Mobile Customers
Harbor Mobile No Longer a T-Mobile Reseller, Instead Becomes ATT Platinum Reseller
Joe Paonessa - Aug 13, 2015
  Harbor Mobile is no longer a T-Mobile reseller.  For at least a month the provider had stopped accepting new customers while their website said that they were undergoing maintenance and to check back for updates. The prepaid provider originally offered plans that garnered a lot of interest for the
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Harbor Mobile's Plans Summary
Harbor Mobile Offers Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Sole Proprietors Unlimited 4G LTE for $50
Joe Paonessa - Jan 1, 2015
Summary of Harbor Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO rates and plans.          Harbor Mobile has been around for a few months although until now we had not been covering them due to their service being primarily aimed towards businesses, which it still is.  However, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs can still apply
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New T-Mobile MVNO Harbor Targeting Businesses
Joe Paonessa - Jul 8, 2014
A new T-Mobile MVNO Harbor Mobile has launched targeting Businesses only.  In fact in the FAQ’s they state plans “strictly target businesses…….each client is vetted to ensure they qualify for the plans.” Plans start at $30 for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of LTE data and a 1 GB
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