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A new T-Mobile MVNO Harbor Mobile has launched targeting Businesses only.  In fact in the FAQ's they state plans

"strictly target businesses.......each client is vetted to ensure they qualify for the plans."

Plans start at $30 for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of LTE data and a 1 GB mobile hotspot.  Also included is roaming, something that is often a missing feature in prepaid plans like T-Mobile's $30 5 GB LTE plan.   On the other end of the spectrum for $60 you get unlimited talk, text and web as well as a 5 GB mobile hotspot.  $40 and $50 gets you 3 GB and 5 GB of LTE data respectively.  All plans include unlimited international texting, and unlimited global data roaming in 120+ countries as well as wi-fi calling.  It's too bad these plans are reserved for business use only as they do offer pretty good value.

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