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Harbor Mobile Plans Built for Business

After several months of having a website that said website under construction and new plans coming soon, the day has finally arrived for Harbor Mobile to release its new website and plans.  The company's new website features a tagline that reads:

Designed for business, we have the perfect AT&T plans for companies of all sizes and personal service that values your time as much as you do.

The new plans feature unlimited talk, text and varying amounts of hard capped 4G LTE data.  One tablet plan has also been introduced.  The specifics of each plan and its associated pricing are as follows:

Cell Phone Plans

  1. $25/month 1GB LTE data
  2. $30/month 2.5GB LTE data
  3. $40/month 4.5GB LTE data
  4. $60/month 10GB LTE data

As mentioned all cell phone plans feature unlimited talk and text, and mobile hotspot is included.

Tablet Plan

  1. $27/month 5GB LTE data

Currently all plans are available by invite only.  You must signup for an invitation code to apply for service. 

The plans are only available for businesses and sole proprietors and Harbor Mobile will require you to verify your business or sole proprietorship before you can activate service.  Bring your own device is supported, and roaming is included with all plans. Harbor Mobile says that since they are an AT&T reseller, they include virtually all of the perks of AT&T's postpaid service such as domestic roaming (international roaming is not supported just yet), Wi-Fi calling domestically and from overseas to the USA, visual voicemail and call forwarding. Harbor Mobile is currently offering a discount of $10/month on four or more lines with coupon code multi4 at checkout.


It's unfortunate that the general public cannot signup for these plans as they are pretty cheap for AT&T based service, particularly on the low end.  At the $25/month price point no other AT&T MVNO offers that much 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text, same holds true at the $30/month price point although Cricket Wireless comes close offering a plan with 2.5GB of 4G LTE data for $35/month.  Cricket Wireless however differs from Harbor Mobile in that Cricket download speeds are limited to 8 Mbps although once your 4G LTE data allotment gets used up, you have unlimited data at 128 Kbps.


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Best deal around. Finally, have all the features without any trade offs like with all other AT&T MVNO’s: 1. Tracfone/Straight Talk/Net10: Is said to have AT&T roaming included. Monthly unlimited plans limits LTE to 5GB nothing available if you want more data. But, no wifi calling & no visual voicemail. Plus, no hotspot. 2. Cricket: Has the prepaid coverage map with doesn’t even include from Reno to Vegas (no roaming) but does have visual voicemail but hotspot is $10 more (not free like Harbor) and cricket hotspot currently doesn’t work with iphones. Doesn’t allow wifi calling either. 3. Airvoice: Currently,… Read more »

Fritz Blanka
Fritz Blanka

That sucks, the 5 gb data plan use to be 15 bucks before.

I suppose that’s the coverage premium of switching over from T-Mobile

Fritz Blanka
Fritz Blanka

yea, sad to see all the cheap data plan going away on T mobiles network for MVNO’s though, first it was red pocket, now harbor. ) :


If that tablet plan was offered to the public on BYOD & unlimited int’l sms was included in/out, I would of jumped ship.

Do you forsee any issues with this company since it’s a reseller and not a MVNO? I believe you reported on a defunct T-Mobile reseller a few months back and some folks were having issues getting their cell numbers ported out???

I don’t forsee any issues with this company. They were originally a T-Mobile reseller themselves that switched over to AT&T. Customers on those T-Mobile plans are still grandfathered into the system. The trouble with some of the other T-Mobile resellers is that they were trying to game the system. They were taking business and multi line plans and reselling them to individuals which was in direct violation of their resale agreements with T-Mobile. Some were forced to close down. Most recently, Smartel tried to get away with this by reselling multi line plans to the general public. If you visit… Read more »


I’m thinking about signing up with them. Do they slower their speeds are there speed slower than cricket or go phone?

No, since they are an AT&T plan reseller, as opposed to true MVNO, they offer identical speeds as AT&T postpaid.