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H2O Wireless Adds Canada And Mexico Roaming

H2O Wireless Adds Canada & Mexico Roaming
H2O Wireless Adds Canada & Mexico Roaming
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H2O Wireless has added Canada and Mexico roaming to a couple of its plans. The $50 plan now includes a $10 roaming credit, and the $60 plan a $20 roaming credit. Canada and Mexico roaming is available as a top-up on all other H2O Wireless plans. The change took place at the beginning of June but is not yet being showcased on the H2O website. Master Agent SIMpro has posted a flyer highlighting the changes.

H2O's Wireless Plans Highlighted With Canada & Mexico Roaming Access

H2O Wireless's full phone plan lineup breaks down like this:

  • $18/month ($20 w/o autopay) - 2GB high-speed data, $1.50 international talk credit
  • $27/month ($30 w/o autopay) - 6GB high-speed data, $5 international talk credit, 2-lines for $50, 4-lines for $100
  • $36/month ($40 w/o autopay) - 15GB high-speed data, $5 international talk credit
  • $45/month ($50 w/o autopay) - 24GB high-speed data, $5 international talk credit, $10 Canada/Mexico Roaming credit (500 mins/texts/MB)
  • $54/month ($60 w/o autopay) - 30GB high-speed data, $5 international talk credit, hotspot access, $20 Canada/Mexico Roaming credit (1000 mins/texts/MB)

Taxes and fees cost extra. Data speeds are limited to a maximum of 8Mbps download. Videos stream at a resolution of 480p. All plans include unlimited domestic and global talk and text. Plans also include unlimited data with the specified amount of data available at high-speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.

Canada/Mexico Roaming Top-Ups/Add-Ons That Are Available With All Monthly Plans

  • $5 - 250 mins/texts/MB
  • $10 - 500 mins/texts/MB
  • $20 - 1000 mins/texts/MB

Unused roaming balances DO NOT rollover to the next month. Unused balances are also forfeited if customers switch plans, terminate service or fail to renew a plan before it expires. Roaming needs to be enabled on your device to take advantage of the feature.

The number of AT&T based providers that offer Canada and Mexico roaming is extremely limited. The only other non-carrier owned brand that I'm aware of to offer that feature is Boom Mobile. Some business plan resellers may also offer Canada and Mexico roaming, although the validity of those providers may be questionable. Business plan resellers have often been noted to all of the sudden close down.

Perhaps Canada and Mexico roaming become the next trend in prepaid. Verizon's Visible brand recently added Canada/Mexico roaming just a few months back. AT&T's Cricket Wireless has offered it for awhile. However, T-Mobile's Metro brand still charges extra for it but maybe these recent changes from the competition force a change at Metro.

H2O Wireless is an MVNO of AT&T. It's worth keeping an eye on its sister brand, Pure Talk, to see if a similar change gets made there.

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