H2O Wireless Offering Half Off With Promo Code HULU

H2O Wireless Offering Double The Data At Half The Price With Coupon Code, Features 4GB For $15

Joe Paonessa - Jun 7, 2018
H2O Wireless is currently offering 50% off all of its phone plans to new subscribers that use promo code HULU at signup.  With that promo code one would think that a subscription to HULU would be in tow.  But that’s not the case here.  The 50% off rate is only
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Red Pocket Mobile eBay Plans On Sale With Coupon Code

Red Pocket’s Annual GSMA Plan With 5GB Of Monthly LTE Data On Sale For $16/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 6, 2018
(Updated: The original deal below is now expired, but you can still get 10% off of all plans with use of the promo code PERFECT10.  The promo code will last until 6/10/18.  If you don’t want to miss the next one, be sure to signup for the daily deals newsletter.)
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Walmart iPhone 7 Straight Talk Unlimited Data Plan Bundle

Walmart Offering iPhone 7 Unlimited Data Plan Bundle From Straight Talk For $298.99

Joe Paonessa - May 30, 2018
Walmart is currently running a great deal on the iPhone 7 bundled with an unlimited LTE data plan from Straight Talk Wireless.  Together the two items are selling for $298.99.  That’s a savings of $305 compared to having to buy each item separately. The deal even trumps a flash sale
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iPhone 7 Flash Sale At Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk And Total Wireless Flash Sale Features $250 Off iPhone 7

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2018
TracFone owned brands Straight Talk Wireless and Total Wireless are in the middle of a 2 day flash sale.  The sale will end for each provider at the end of the day on 5/25/18. Straight Talk Wireless Offer (Updated: 5/30/18, This offer from Straight Talk will last until 5/31/2018) (Update
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Republic Wireless 3 Months Free With Phone Purchase

Republic Wireless Giving Away 3 Months Of Free Service With Phone Purchase

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2018
Remember the days when a carrier would try and coax you into signing a two year contract in exchange for a free phone? Well, it seems that Republic Wireless has done a good job of flipping that model on its head.  For the second time this year, Republic Wireless is
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Save Ten Percent At Target On Select Prepaid Wireless Refill Cards

Target Has Prepaid Wireless Refill Cards On Sale For 10% Off

Joe Paonessa - May 17, 2018
Target is again selling prepaid wireless refill cards for 10% off.  Plans are being discounted for every carrier that Target sells online except for H2O Wireless, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. T-Mobile Prepaid Refill Cards $40 discounted to $36 $45 discounted to $40.50 $50 discounted to $45 $55 discounted to $49.50 $60 discounted
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Red Pocket Mobile eBay Plan On Sale With 5GB Of Data For 18-Month

Red Pocket Mobile Drops Price Of 5GB Annual eBay Plan To $18.33/Month

Joe Paonessa - May 14, 2018
Red Pocket Mobile has dropped the price of its annual eBay plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB at 4G LTE data speeds to just $220/year.  Normally the plan retails for $240/year.  With the savings in place, subscribers will pay an average cost of just $18.33/month.
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Save Up To $220 Dollars On Select Motorola Phones

Motorola’s Latest Deal Features Up To $220 Off Select Phones

Joe Paonessa - May 5, 2018
Just in time for mother’s day, Motorola’s latest sale begins on May 6th, 2018 and it will feature up to $220 off of select phones. Select Moto Mods will also be discounted. Motorola Phones On Sale Motorola is placing 5 of its phones on sale, and each one will be
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Republic Wireless Free Month Of Service

Republic Wireless Giving Away 1 Free Month Of Service, Free SIM Card And Free Shipping

Joe Paonessa - Apr 20, 2018
Republic Wireless just launched a new promotion offering prospective buyers one month of free service that includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data.  Additionally shipping and SIM card kits are free with the offer. Offer Eligibility Details To get this offer from Republic Wireless customers can either bring
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Motorola 45th Anniversary Phone Sale

Motorola Discounting Phones By Up To $150 For 2 Days Only

Joe Paonessa - Apr 2, 2018
Motorola will soon update its cell phone lineup. We can probably expect the company to to clear out inventory of last year’s models by placing some of them on sale. The first of such sales is about to start by way of an “anniversary sale.” Discounted Motorola Phones Starting on
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T-Mobile Free Smartphone With Purchase Of Prepaid Refill Card

T-Mobile Giving Away Smartphones With Purchase Of A $100 Refill Card

Joe Paonessa - Mar 23, 2018
If you have a T-Mobile prepaid plan that you plan on sticking with for a while, this offer is for you. T-Mobile is currently offering a free smartphone to those who purchase a prepaid refill card priced $100 or more. Unfortunately, this is a limited time in store only promotion,
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Are Carrier Samsung Galaxy S9 BOGO Offers Really Worth It

Which Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal Will Cost You More? Verizon’s BOGO Or Buying Two Unlocked Directly From Samsung?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2018
Buy one get one, otherwise known as BOGO offers are a tool that carriers often use to get you to buy the latest devices on a payment plan that keep you locked into their network. The idea of getting a phone for free certainly sounds appealing, but is it really
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For The Second Time This Month Select Prepaid Refill Cards Are 10 Percent Off At Target

Once Again Select Prepaid Refill Cards Are 10% Off At Target

Joe Paonessa - Mar 12, 2018
Target is once again selling prepaid refill cards for 10% off.  This time plans are being discounted for every carrier that Target sells online except for H2O Wireless, Virgin Mobile and Cricket Wireless. Their last offer only had a few select brands on sale. T-Mobile Prepaid Refill Cards $40 discounted
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Samsung Offers Financing And Trade In Options On Its Unlocked Galaxy Devices

Samsung Will Sell You An Unlocked Galaxy S8 For As Little As $12.50/Month Or A Galaxy S9 For $15.42/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 5, 2018
Samsung offers a pretty generous device trade in program. The company also has financing options available that can be used to purchase a new unlocked device. Because of these two factors, individuals shopping for a new smartphone no longer have to be dependent on the major carriers to get affordable
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Target Has Prepaid Refill Cards On Sale For 10 Percent Off

Prepaid Wireless Refill Cards From Select Providers Are 10% Off At Target

Joe Paonessa - Mar 2, 2018
Target is in the midst of running another one of its prepaid refill card sales.  This time cards from select select providers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, TracFone, and Total Wireless are on sale for 10% off. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is available. AT&T Prepaid Target is
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