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Visible by Verizon Offering Two-Years For New Year’s Deal

Visible by Verizon Two Years For New Year's 2024 Deal
Visible by Verizon Two Years For New Year's 2024 Deal
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Visible by Verizon has launched a Two-Years for New Year's deal. The deal will get you $10/month off Visible's flagship unlimited plan lowering the price to $35/month or $5/month off their base unlimited plan lowering the price to $20/month for a period of two years. Taxes and fees are included in the price. The offers are only available to new customers. To get the either deal, you'll have to use the promo code VISIBLE24 when you sign up. The offer is scheduled to be available until 1/31/2024.

The Differences Between Visible by Verizon's Two Unlimited Plans

Both of Visible by Verizon's unlimited plans include unlimited talk, text, data, calling and texting to Canada and Mexico, and mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot data speeds are limited to 5Mbps. Videos stream at 480p. And that's where the similarities between the plans end and differences begin.

The base plan is not advertised as having access to Verizon's 5G Ultra-Wideband network (5G UW), which is the network with the fastest possible data speeds on Verizon. However, some base plan users do claim you get access to the 5G UW network but with data speeds capped at 200Mbps and no 5G UW icon showing in your phone's status bar. Visible's flagship unlimited plan does include full access to the 5G UW network without any limitations on data speeds.

The flagship plan also includes 50GB of premium priority data when connected to Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide networks. Data is always premium and priority on the flagship plan when connected to 5G Ultra-Wideband. With premium priority data customers won't have their data speeds slowed down compared to other customers on the network when the network is busy. That means customers on the base plan will experience slower data speeds when the network is congested compared to customers on the flagship plan.

The flagship plan also includes talk, text, and data usage in Mexico and Canada. Data speeds in either country are reduced to 2G for the remainder of the day after 500MB has been used. 500 minutes of international calling is also included as is international texting to over 200 countries. Customers on the flagship plan are eligible to receive $10/month off of Verizon Home Internet.

A table summarizing the differences and similarities between the two plans is below.

Base PlanFlagship Plan
Promo Price$20/mo$35/mo
Unlimited Talk, Text, Data, HotspotYesYes
Canada & Mexico CallingYesYes
4G LTE and 5G Nationwide Network AccessYesYes
5G Ultra-Wideband Network AccessNoYes
Canada And Mexico RoamingNoYes
50GB Priority DataNoYes
Text to over 200 countriesNoYes
Save $10/mo on Verizon Home InternetNoYes


The discounts on Visible's unlimited plans make them a tremendous value if you need a truly unlimited data plan. With the promo code discount, the base plan is the cheapest truly unlimited data plan on the market for single lines.

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