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iPhone SE 3 Already On Sale At Several MVNOs, It’s Free At Xfinity

iPhone SE 3 Free At Xfinity Mobile
iPhone SE 3 Free At Xfinity Mobile
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The iPhone SE 3 was launched just days ago and it's already available at a pre-order discount from several MVNOs. The best MVNO deals that I could find are led by Xfinity Mobile with a "for free" offer. Red Pocket Mobile is offering $100 off the device plus 6-months of free service. Mint Mobile also has a free service offer.

Xfinity Mobile's Free iPhone SE Offer Explained

Xfinity Mobile's free iPhone SE 3 offer is for new lines of service only with number port-in. It is for the 64GB model only, and customers are required to purchase it on a 24 month Xfinity Mobile Device Payment Plan Agreement. Lines must be activated and numbers ported-in within 30 days of purchasing the device. The iPhone will then be made for free in the form of 24 monthly account credits. If the customer cancels their line for any reason, or attempts to pay off the phone sooner by paying more than what's required in a monthly payment, they will forfeit their remaining monthly credits. The device is regularly priced at $429.99 or $17.91/month. This offer will only be available until 3/17/22. It appears to be valid with any Xfinity Mobile phone plan.

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Red Pocket Mobile's $100 Off iPhone SE 3 And Free Service Offer

Red Pocket Mobile's offer is also for new lines only. It gets qualifying customers $100 off an iPhone SE 3 plus 6-months of free service on any Red Pocket GSMA plan. Red Pocket Mobile uses GSMA to denote plans that use the AT&T network. There are four available plans on the network. Regular pricing for each plan is as follows:

  • $20/month - 3GB high-speed data
  • $30/month - 10GB high-speed data
  • $40/month - 25GB high-speed data
  • $50/month - 100GB high-speed data

So with your iPhone SE 3 purchase you can get any of the above plans free for 6-months than they'll renew at their regular rates.

Every plan includes unlimited talk and text plus international calling and texting. Mobile hotspot is also included, but it is unknown if you can use all of your data on every plan for mobile hotspot. I'll update this post if I'm able to get an answer to this question. Data with each plan is unlimited, but data speeds are slowed to 2G once the plan's high-speed data allotment is reached.

Red Pocket Mobile is also offering eSIM for its GSMA plan activations. Offering eSIM is something that is brand new at Red Pocket.

The iPhone SE 3 will be sold locked to Red Pocket Mobile for a period of 12 months. This offer ends on 3/17/22.

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Mint Mobile 6-Months Of Free Wireless Service Offer

Mint Mobile is currently offering 50% off of any 12-month plan when you bundle service with a new phone. This includes bundling a plan with the iPhone SE 3.

Mint Mobile is not offering the iPhone SE 3 at a discount. Customers that want service with Mint Mobile will have to pay full price for the phone, $429.99. Mint Mobile's base phone plan which includes unlimited talk and text with 4GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G data speeds normally costs $180 for one year of service. But when you bundle it with the iPhone SE 3 deal you'll get it for $90. That brings the total cost due up front with Mint Mobile to $519 for the iPhone SE 3 plus phone plan. There is no end date specified for this offer.

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