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Cricket Wireless Launches “Spring Into BIG Savings” Promo Featuring $19.99 Samsung Galaxy A10e

Spring Into BIG Savings With New Promos From Cricket Wireless
Spring Into BIG Savings With New Promos From Cricket Wireless
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Cricket Wireless has updated its phone promos again. The last update was about 3 weeks ago. There are now several new promos available with the featured offers being for switchers. Customers who port into Cricket's $60 unlimited plan can pick up a free LG Harmony 3, a $19.99 Samsung Galaxy A10e, or get an iPhone 6s for $49.99. The promo updates come with a new marketing slogan, "Spring Into BIG Savings."  Cricket has also made changes to its device protection programs, Cricket Protect and Cricket Protect Plus. Highlighted changes include a $1 price hike for each plan and a claim limit increase from 2 claims to 3 claims per year.

Cricket's Sprint Into BIG Savings Phone Promo Offers

Cricket is offering many different Android device promos which you can view in the table below.

Featured Android Deals
PhoneRegular Retail PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
LG Harmony 3$139.99$69.99Free*
LG Escape Plus$119.99$59.99Free*
LG Stylo 5$229.99$149.99$19.99*
Samsung Galaxy A10e$149.99$79.99$19.99*
Nokia 3.1C$139.99$49.99Free*
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure$119.99$39.99Free
LG Fortune 2$99.99$39.99Free
Cricket Icon$79.99$19.99Free
Nokia 3.1 Plus$119.99$119.99$79.99
Alcatel Insight$29.99$29.99Free
Alcatel ONYX$39.99$39.99Free*
Alcatel Tetra$19.99$19.99Free

*denotes $60 unlimited plan required to get port-in promo price.

Cricket is also running a few other Android phone deals. The Moto G7 Supra is $89.99 for upgrades and port-ins (reg $139.99), and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is $699.99 with port-in (reg $799.99).

Featured iPhone Deals
Retail Price
New Line Price
iPhone 6s 32GB$399.99$149.99$49.99*
iPhone 6s Plus 32GB$499.99$199.99$99.99*
iPhone 7 32GB$399.99$199.99$199.99
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB$499.99$249.99$249.99

*denotes Cricket's $60 unlimited plan is required to get port-in promo pricing

Cricket Protect Device Protection Changes

Cricket has updated its device protection plans. The plans now include same-day screen repair and the number of claims a subscriber can file per year has increased from 2 to 3 claims per year. There have been some changes to the amount of cloud storage offered with each protection plan as well.  A summary of the rest of the device protection plan changes follows:

  • Cricket Protect - $8, previously priced at $7/month. Screen deductible is $29 and screen repairs count towards claim limit, cloud storage is now 16GB up from 8GB, and customers can now claim up to $2,500 up from $1,500
  • Cricket Protect Plus - $11, previously priced at $10/month.  Screen deductible is $29 with unlimited screen repairs, cloud storage is now unlimited up from 50GB, and customers can now claim up to $2,500 up from $1,500

Editor's Analysis

Compared to Cricket's last set of offers there have been some improvements to iPhone model pricing. The iPhone 6 and 6s port-in promo pricing is now $100 lower than before. The iPhone 7 pricing remains the same which is a disappointment to me given that both Boost and Metro now have it for $29.99.

Cricket's Android phone port-in deal pricing seems to have improved as well compared to last time, but in some cases with a catch. More devices seem to require customers to port-in to Cricket's $60 unlimited LTE data plan to get the discounts. Customers who do switch don't have to keep the plan if they don't want it. But they do have to subscribe to it for their first month of service before switching to a lower-priced plan.

Vlogger Lady Red's Tech Reviews who is an expert on all things related to Cricket Wireless did a live stream earlier discussing all the new promos and took questions from her viewers. She's got an opinion on what she thinks are the best Cricket phone deals and you can check that out by viewing the stream below or by visiting her channel.

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