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Cricket Wireless Announces 4 Lines Of Unlimited Data For $100

By Joe Paonessa – Nov 30, 2017
Cricket Wireless Launches Unlimited Data Family Plan Promotion
Cricket Wireless Launches Unlimited Data Family Plan Promotion

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Cricket Wireless is launching a new promotion that will start tomorrow, December 1st, 2017.  The AT&T owned prepaid brand will give groups of 4, unlimited data on Cricket Wireless's unlimited data 2 plan for $100/month.

The new promotion is AT&T's attempt to match offerings from the prepaid brands of rival carriers.  Although it is set to expire today, Sprint owned Boost Mobile has a 5 lines for $100 offer.  I expect this to get extended in some way soon.

T-Mobile's MetroPCS brand also has a 4 lines of unlimited data for $100 offer.

Unlike the MetroPCS and Boost Mobile promotions, Cricket Wireless's promotional unlimited data plan offering is speed limited.  LTE data speeds are capped at a maximum of 3 Mbps.  Video streams are limited to 1.5 Mbps or about 480p, although that is pretty a standard industry practice.

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Like the MetroPCS plan, mobile hotspot is also missing here.

A bonus feature included with Cricket's unlimited data 2 plan is international texting to 38 countries.  Free full service roaming while traveling in Mexico and Canada is also available.  However, a minimum of 50% of usage must be in the USA to avoid being kicked off the plan and/or the Cricket Wireless network.

Like all unlimited data plans, there is a data prioritization policy in place.  During times of heavy network congestion, those that consume more than 22 GB of data in a month may see their speeds temporarily reduced.

Cricket Wireless has not said how long this offer is scheduled to last.  Those in need of a new phone that are interested in this plan may want to combine the offer with Cricket's SAVE30 promotional offer which gives customers $30 off select phones.

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