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Stephen Vicinanza

Stephen has been published in technology outlets such as CNX-Software, and RISC-V International. He loves all things tech and wireless. He lives in the North East USA with his wife and 2 sons.

Best Buy Offering Tracfone Brand Phone And Plan Bundle Deals On Select Phones

Best Buy Has Tracfone Brand Phone And Plan Bundle Deals With Up To $40 In Savings

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 25, 2022
Best Buy is running phone and plan bundle offers on Tracfone and Tracfone brands Simple Mobile and Total Wireless. Customers can buy a phone, and bundle it with an airtime card, for savings of either $10, $20, or $40.  On the Best Buy website, the deal is laid out so
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Tracfone Nokia G300 5G eBay Deal

The Best Tracfone Deals On eBay Include A Nokia G300 5G With One Year Of Service For $129.99 

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 23, 2022
Tracfone offers numerous deals exclusively through its eBay store. After reviewing them, there are a few that really stand out including a plan bundle deal on a Nokia G300 5G with one year of service for $129.99. There are other phone bundle deals similar to the Nokia G300 5G deal,
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Boost Mobile Free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Online Deal

Boost Mobile Offering A Free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Online To Switchers

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 18, 2022
Boost Mobile is offering a free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G for switchers to their $50 plan. There are many other offers available as well including a $379.99 iPhone SE 3 deal. Let’s take a closer look. Free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Offer Details And Fine Print The free Samsung Galaxy
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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Has Been Launched

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Has Been Announced, Which Prepaid Carriers And MVNOs Will Get It?

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 18, 2022
The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G was announced on Thursday 3/17. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is sporting advanced features, like a 2.4GHz 5nm Exynos octa-core processor, and a 64MP main camera with OIS.  The Galaxy A53 5G is set to be available on April 1, 2022. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile
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Mango Mobile Four Months 50 Percent Off

Mango Mobile Is Offering 50% Off For Four Months Get 1GB For $5 

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 17, 2022
Mango Mobile is offering 50% off of four months of service featuring 1GB of data for $5 per month. The offer has been running for some time and doesn’t have a definite end date. Mango Mobile has two offers in total, both for four months 50% off.  50% Off For
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Black Wireless Offering 50% Off For Four Months

Black Wireless Is Offering 50% Off For 4 Months, Get 10GB for $15 

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 16, 2022
Black Wireless is offering a 50% off deal for 4 months of service featuring 10GB data for $15 per month. The offer has been running for some time and doesn’t have a definite end date. There are 3 offers in total, 2 for 50% off service plans, and one for
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Google Fi Samsung Galaxy S22 And Motorola Phones Discounted For New And Existing Customers

Google Fi Offering Discounts On Samsung Galaxy S22 Series And Motorola Phones

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 15, 2022
Google Fi is offering discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, and select Motorola Phones. There are deals for both new and existing customers. The Samsung Galaxy S22 base model phone is being offered for just $499.99.  Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Offer Details Google Fi is offering a $300
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Boost Mobile Celero 5G Carrier Crusher Plan Bundle Offers

Boost Mobile Deals Include Celero 5G Bundled With 1-Year Of Service Starting At $199

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 14, 2022
Boost Mobile has new offers out featuring the Celero 5G bundled with phone plans. The featured offer includes a Celero 5G bundled with a 1GB annual plan for $199. Boost recently issued a press release to announce the offers as their latest Carrier Crusher deals. There are several offers for
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Tracfone 6 Months Free With iPhone SE Purchase

Tracfone Offers Buy An iPhone SE Get 6 Months Of Free Service, Other Trac Brands Also Have Tax Season Deals

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 8, 2022
Tracfone is offering six months of free service when you purchase an iPhone SE. Other Tracfone brands including Simple Mobile, Straight Talk Wireless, Total Wireless, and Family Mobile are also offering tax season deals. Tracfone iPhone SE Free Service Plan Bundle Deal Details And Fine Print Pay $289.99 for an
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Affinity Cellular iPhone 7 Bundle Offer

Affinity Cellular Has Deals For iPhone 7 And A Flip Phone Bundled With Free Service

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 7, 2022
Affinity Cellular is running a couple of special phone bundle offers. New customers have their choice of an iPhone 7 or a Flip Phone bundled with free service.  Affinity Cellular Bundle Deals, Details And Fine Print Each deal has a phone bundled with free service for 5 months, but the
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Boom Mobile 2nd Month For One Dollar Offer

Boom Mobile’s Offering 50GB, Buy One Month Get the Second Month For $1

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 3, 2022
Boom! Mobile is offering a pay one month get one month for $1 deal, as part of its Nascar Racing Fan promotion. The plans involved in the discount include several options. There is a plan only option and a plan bundled with a phone deal. Boom Mobile is offering its
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Verizon Prepaid Fifty Percent Off Select Phones

Verizon Prepaid Offers 50% Off Select New Phones With Select Plans

Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 2, 2022
Verizon’s latest offer includes a 50% discount on select phones with activation of a new line prepaid plan required. It is for both new numbers and switchers.  The offer ends April 30, 2022, or until supplies run out. The two plans in the offer are the 15GB and Unlimited Data
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Tello February 2022 50 Percent Off Sale

Tello’s Big 50% Off Wireless Plans Sale Only Lasts A Few More Days.

Stephen Vicinanza - Feb 25, 2022
Tello is showing some love to new subscribers. The T-Mobile powered MVNO continues to offer 50% off its best selling plans, an offer that it has been running since Valentine’s Day.  The 50% off deal is valid for the first month of service, for new customers and new lines, for
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