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Mango Mobile Is Offering 50% Off For Four Months Get 1GB For $5 

By Stephen Vicinanza – Mar 17, 2022
Mango Mobile Four Months 50 Percent Off
Mango Mobile Four Months 50 Percent Off

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Mango Mobile is offering 50% off of four months of service featuring 1GB of data for $5 per month. The offer has been running for some time and doesn’t have a definite end date. Mango Mobile has two offers in total, both for four months 50% off. 

50% Off For Four Months Service Plan Details And Fine Print

Mango Mobile is offering their $10 per month plan discounted for four months at $5 per month for a total of $20 paid at checkout. The service plan is for 1000 minutes of domestic calls, unlimited texting, and 1GB of high-speed data. When data reaches 1GB consumed it is reduced to 128kbps for the rest of the billing cycle. The plan also includes international calling and texting to over 65 countries.  However, only 10 unique international numbers can be called during a 30-day period. The plan renews after four months at the regular rate of $10 per month. 

Mango Mobile is also offering its $20 per month service plan discounted at 50% for four months at $10 per month. The service plan is for unlimited talk, text, and data. After 3GB of high-speed data has been consumed during a billing cycle, data is reduced to 128kbps for the rest of the cycle. Each account can dial up to 10 unique international numbers in a 30 day period. The total of $40 for the four months must be paid at the time of check out. The plan renews after four months at $20 per month. 

The is a $5 SIM card fee tacked onto the prices above. Sales tax is extra and varies by location.

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There was minimal fine print on these two deals. A new line of service is required to receive the discounted monthly rate. 

Mango Mobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile. Mango Mobile is the sister company of Black Wireless and both are owned by Red Pocket Mobile. Black Wireless is running a similar promotion which can be found here.

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