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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Has Been Announced, Which Prepaid Carriers And MVNOs Will Get It?

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Has Been Launched
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The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G was announced on Thursday 3/17. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is sporting advanced features, like a 2.4GHz 5nm Exynos octa-core processor, and a 64MP main camera with OIS

The Galaxy A53 5G is set to be available on April 1, 2022. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have already confirmed they will be carrying it. The mid-range Galaxy phone will come with a $449 price tag. It would seem it's priced to compete against the Apple iPhone SE 2022 and Google Pixel 5a. 

The specifications for the Samsung Galaxy include: 

  • Retail Price $449
  • Display 6.5in FHD AMOLED 1080 x 2400 resolution
  • Chipset Exynos 1280 Octa-core 
  • RAM 6GB
  • Storage 128GB expandable with SD Card to 1TB
  • Battery 5,000 mAh (Company states the battery carries a charge for two days without charging)
  • Front Camera 32MP
  • Rear Cameras
    • 64MP Main Lens
    • 12MP Ultrawide Lens
    • 5MP Macro Lens
    • 5MP Depth Sensor
  • Charging is wired 25W 

Samsung does not specify what network bands the phone supports. Instead, they state the Galaxy A53 5G supports 5G Sub6 networks (but unfortunately, no support for 5GmmWave networks). 

Here Is A List Of MVNOs And Carriers Who May Sell The Samsung Galaxy A53 5g

So far, no major prepaid brands outside of Cricket Wireless have announced that they’ll be selling this phone. But based on what some brands have sold in the past, we can make a pretty good guess at who else will offer it. 

Boost Mobile did not carry the A52 5G or A51 5G, but they did carry the A51. So it’s hard to tell what Boost will do here. Boost does like to offer a lot of phones for free in stores, but the A52 5G may be priced too high for that and may not be ideal for Boost to carry. Update: Boost has officially launched the phone on pre-order for just $199.99.

Cricket Wireless carries the Galaxy A52 5G a direct line to the new Galaxy A53 5G. AT&T, the owner of Cricket Wireless, has announced it will be offering the Galaxy A53 5G. 

Consumer Cellular doesn’t carry the A5X line, in any form, so would not be predicted to carry the new Galaxy A53 5G.

Metro by T-Mobile carries the A52 5G, along with a variety of 5G midrange Samsung Galaxy phones. It would seem this would be a good place to bet on picking up the new Galaxy A53 5G at a discount.

Mint Mobile carries a wide range of Samsung Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy A52 5G. With such a large selection they are certainly likely to carry the latest moderately priced Galaxy model. 

Spectrum Mobile carries the older model Galaxy A series phones. They seem to be focused on a variety of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy high-end and S series phones. There doesn’t seem to be a midrange choice for the Galaxy A series in a newer model, so they may not carry this device. 

Straight Talk Wireless, a Tracfone brand, carries galaxy phones, but currently only the Galaxy A32 5G is available directly through their website. It does carry more model phones at Walmart including A51 series phones. Given that Straight Talk primarily uses the Verizon network for coverage, is now owned by Verizon, and that Verizon itself will carry the phone, it’s probably a good bet that Straight Talk will have it too.

Total Wireless is also a Tracfone brand. For the same reasons as Straight Talk Wireless, A53 5G is probably a good bet to head to Total Wireless. 

Tracfone carries the Samsung Galaxy A51A  series phone, so it’s a good bet to carry the Galaxy A53 5G as well. And just like Total Wireless and Straight Talk, Tracfone is owned by Verizon which also increases the likelihood they’ll get the phone.

Xfinity Mobile carries the Galaxy A52 5G and a variety of Galaxy phones, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say, it is likely to carry the Galaxy A53 5G.

The other Galaxy phones that were announced with the Galaxy A53 5G are the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. Samsung has not stated if either phone will launch in the USA. However, their predecessors were sold in the USA, and the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is a fairly popular device that has been offered for free by prepaid providers. So it’s probably a good bet that at least one of the devices will make its way to the USA prepaid market as well.

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