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Has Verizon Removed The LTE Speed Limitations Placed On Its MVNO’s?

Verizon MVNOs No Longer Speed Throttled
Verizon MVNOs No Longer Being Speed Throttled?
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Over the past few weeks I've noted around the web that users of TracFone based Verizon MVNO's have been reporting that they have been experiencing LTE speeds much faster than the 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload that Verizon restricts them to.

The latest report came yesterday from a Page Plus Cellular subscriber on Howard Forums.  The subscriber said they were notified via text message from Page Plus that their speeds have been increased.  In fact, Page Plus now has a subdomain which they have used to announce the change.  The change has not yet been posted to Page Plus's main website.

No official word has been made as to if the speed caps have been totally lifted or if the speed caps are still in place albeit with speeds just faster now.

Some subscribers to TracFone based Verizon MVNO's such as Total Wireless, Straight Talk and Page Plus Cellular are saying that speeds are completely unthrottled right now, which would be great news to customers.  At this time I am not sure if the speed cap has or will be lifted for all Verizon based MVNO's or just those served by TracFone.  I have reached out to some non TracFone based Verizon MVNO's for commentary but have not gotten a response as of yet.

I'll update this story as soon as I'm able to get more information.  For now though, it looks like good things may be on the way for at least some Verizon MVNO's.

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