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SpeedTalk Mobile Updates Plans, Get 3GB Data For $18/Month

SpeedTalk Mobile Plans Updated In February 2019 To Include More Data
SpeedTalk Mobile Plans Updated In February 2019 To Include More Data
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SpeedTalk Mobile has updated its wireless plans.  One featured update includes unlimited talk and text with 3GB of LTE data for $18/month.  Data is hard capped.  The plan previously included 2GB of LTE Data.  This isn't the only plan that the MVNO has updated.  Several others have been improved as well. Let's take a look at them.

SpeedTalk Mobile's Updated Phone Plans Highlighted

SpeedTalk Mobile offers several monthly phone plans.  In this case, a monthly plan is defined as one that lasts 30 days.  Here is what the MVNO's updated phone plans look like.  Changes from their previous offerings have been highlighted when applicable.  Unless specified otherwise, all plans include unlimited talk and text.

  • $5/month - 100 minutes, 100 SMS, 100 MB of hard capped LTE data
  • $9/month - 500 minutes, unlimited text, 500 MB of hard capped LTE data
  • $15/month - 1GB hard capped LTE data, previously included 500 MB
  • $18/month - 3GB hard capped LTE data, previously included 2GB
  • $26/month - unlimited data, first 5GB at LTE data speeds.  Previously offered 3GB data.
  • $35/month - unlimited data, first 6GB at LTE data speeds.  Previously offered 4GB data.

From the best that I can tell, prices do include taxes and fees.  Mobile hotspot is not allowed with any plan.  SpeedTalk Mobile does offer a money back guarantee.  Customers who use less than 30 minutes, 30 texts and 30MB of data within 14 days of their plans first billing cycle are eligible for a complete refund.

New customers who purchase a SIM and plan directly from SpeedTalk Mobile will be offered a free month of service for leaving a 5 star Google review.

Editor's Take And More About SpeedTalk Mobile

SpeedTalk Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network.  The MVNO's updated phone plans are very competitive in the marketplace.  This is particularly true for plans priced at $26 or less.  In fact, there is no other provider on the T-Mobile network offering more data for less at that price point, unless you are willing to pay for several months of service in advance.  Providers such as Mint Mobile and Red Pocket Mobile offer big discounts to subscribers that are willing to pay for wireless service several months in advance.  SpeedTalk Mobile also offers multi-month plans although they do not appear to be discounted at this point in time. Pay as you go plans are also available.

If you are interested in service from the MVNO you can purchase your plan and SIM card directly from the company's website.  They are also available on Amazon and eBay.

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