TPO Mobile RingPlus Promotion Feb 2017

TPO Mobile Joins SpeedTalk In Offering Limited Time Promotional Offers Through RingPlus

Joe Paonessa - Apr 19, 2017
It looks like TPO Mobile wants to promote their plans the same way that RingPlus used to, and like how SpeedTalk Mobile most recently did.  Both TPO Mobile and SpeedTalk Mobile are now offering limited time promotional plans that will only be available for a few days.  The plan that
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SpeedTalk Mobile Promo 1

RingPlus Resurrected As Or Involved With SpeedTalk Mobile?

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2017
SpeedTalk Mobile is a T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO that has only been in existence for a very short while as far as I know.  Today I received an email from RingPlus about a promotion that SpeedTalk is about to launch.  The promotion looks eerily similar to what a lot of
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