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    Updated: Jul 11, 2017

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    The following page showcases data only plans for tablets, cell phones and mobile broadband WiFi hotspots.  Some plans listed work via a sim card for your tablet or device, while others require use of a special device to provide a wireless hotspot.  The network behind each wireless hotspot or data sim card is provided.  If you simply are interested in being able to tether your smartphone have a look at any of the MVNO pages to see which providers support tethering.

    Wireless Hotspot Plans

    Tablet Wi-fi mobile hotspot plans

    Wireless Broadband ProviderNetwork UsedData 4G Unless NotedPriceData Type
    FreedomPopSprint0.5 GB (500 MB)$0.00Hotspot
    Total WirelessVerizon2.5 GB 3G Only$35.00Hotspot
    T-MobileT-Mobile3 GB$30.00Sim/Hotspot
    ATTATT2 GB$25.00Hotspot
    ATTATT3 GB$30.00Sim
    Straight TalkATT/Verizon2 GB$25.00Sim/Hotspot
    Boost MobileSprint1.5 GB$25Hotspot
    Ready SimT-Mobile2 GB$40.00Sim
    Selectel WirelessVerizon3 GB$35.00Hotspot (MiFi)
    SprintSprint3 GB$35.00Hotspot/Tablet
    Net10 WirelessVerizon1 GB$20Sim/Hotspot
    Net10 WirelessVerizon2.5 GB$30Sim/Hotspot
    Virgin MobileSprint1.5 GB$25Hotspot
    Verizon JetpackVerizon3 GB$60.00Hotspot
    Google Project FiT-Mobile1 GB priced by the GB$10.00Sim
    H20 Wireless BroadbandATT1 GB$50.00Usb Hotspot
    TPO WirelessSprint2 GB$20Tablet plan
    TingSprint1 GB$25.00Hotspot
    EcoMobileSprint0.1 GB (100 MB)$10.00Unspecified
    Expo MobileSprint2 GB$30.00MiFi Data Plan
    Boost MobileSprint10 GB$50Hotspot
    MetroPCST-Mobile2 GB$15Sim
    MetroPCST-Mobile4 GB$25Sim
    Ready MobileSprint/Verizon?3 GB$45.00Hotspot
    Simple MobileT-Mobile1.5 GB$20.00Sim
    Virgin MobileSprint6 GB$55Hotspot
    KarmaSprint1 GB does not expire$14.00Hotspot
    KarmaSprint5 GB$40.00Hotspot

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    You need to update, Karma now offers unlimited 4G LTE datta (speed capped at 5Mbps) for $50

    William R. Cousert

    Is 5Mbps fast enough for streaming Netflix?


    T mobile has a few data options. 2 GB is $20, 6 GB is $35


    Charge Mobile Data is now $13/GB, with promotions for purchasing 3, 5, and 8+ GB.

    Buy 3 = 0.5 GB free
    Buy 5 = 1 GB free
    Buy 8 or more = 2 GB free


    The classification seems to be incorrect, as well. When you sign up for Charge, you receive a free SIM card to use with any compatible device.


    Project Fi isn’t only on the T-Mobile network. It also uses the Sprint network (AND US Cellular’s network). It connects to whichever towers it wants from those three carriers when in the U.S. (The 3rd, 4th, & 5th largest?)