Cricket Wireless Simply Data 100GB

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Basic Features

Networks Used:AT&T
Hotspot Data:100 GB
Plan Duration:30 days
Price Monthly/Yearly:$90 / $1080
Taxes And Fees Included?Yes
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Plan Details

  • Includes 100GB of data at 4G LTE/5G data speeds with no speed cap
  • Usage in Mexico and Canada included
  • Once data allotment gets used up, that’s all the data you get, no unlimited 2G data
  • Additional data can be purchased priced at $5 for 2GB and $10 for 5GB
  • Includes text and picture messaging
  • Taxes and fees included in price
  • No multi-line discount available
  • Plan comes with Stream More which limits video streaming to a resolution of 480p.  Stream More can be disabled.
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