Page Plus Cellular Updates Wireless Plans For The Second Time In 2018

Page Plus Cellular Updates Plans, Go Unlimited With 3GB Data At LTE Speeds For $29.95

Joe Paonessa – Dec 18, 2018
For the second time this year that Page Plus Cellular has managed to update its plans.  The $29.95 plan now comes with 3GB of 4G LTE data instead of 2GB.  The $39.95 plan now comes with 8GB of 4G LTE data instead of 5GB.  Both plans include unlimited talk, text
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Total Wireless And Page Plus Cellular Dealers Offering Refurbished iPhone 6 For $75 With Port In

Joe Paonessa – Dec 14, 2018
You can add Total Wireless and Page Plus Cellular to the list of providers offering deals on the iPhone 6 this holiday season. Those that port in to either Total Wireless or Page Plus Cellular through a VidaPay based dealer will get a 32GB iPhone 6 for just $75.  The
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Page Plus Cellular Plan Now Includes More Minutes And Data

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular Now Offers 2GB Of Data For $27/Month

Joe Paonessa – Feb 8, 2018
Page Plus Cellular has just updated one of its phone plans to include more talk and more data.  The Verizon MVNO’s $29.95/month plan ($27 with autopay billing enabled) now includes unlimited talk and data with the first 2GB at 4G LTE speeds.  Previously the plan included 1500 minutes of talk
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Some Page Plus Airtime Cards Purchased From CallingMart Have Been Disabled

Some CallingMart Pins Are Causing Page Plus Customers To Get Their Accounts Suspended

Joe Paonessa – Nov 9, 2017
(Updated) The issue with CallingMart and Page Plus Cellular appears to now be resolved. CallingMart has sent out an email to its customers stating the following:   Thank you for contacting us! We sincerely apologize for what happened and the inconvenience it caused you. Pageplus informed us that the suspension
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Page Plus Cellular Announces Unlimited LTE Data Plan

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular Launches Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $69.95/Month

Joe Paonessa – Aug 22, 2017
Page Plus Cellular, a TracFone owned MVNO that operates on the Verizon network, has launched a new unlimited LTE data plan for $69.95 a month or $64 with auto pay billing enabled. The new plan replaces an old one that included 10 GB of high speed data for the same price. Page Plus’s
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Page Plus Adds More Data To Select Prepaid Plans

PagePlus Adds Up To 60% More Data To Select Plans

Joe Paonessa – Nov 9, 2016
Long time Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular has added more data to two of its prepaid phone plans. The $55 plan ($50 with autopay) now includes 8 GB of LTE data instead of 5 GB.  This represents an increase of 60% more data at no extra charge. The MVNO’s $69.95 plan
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Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular Adds More Data to $39.95 Plan

Joe Paonessa – May 9, 2016
Long time Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular added more data to its $39.95 plan today. Previously the plan contained 1.5 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text.  With the plan update, Page Plus doubled the amount of high speed data included so that the plan now contains
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Page Plus Cellular Monthly Plans Now Include More 4G LTE Data

Joe Paonessa – Sep 7, 2015
Page Plus Cellular has increased data on its monthly plans making it one of the best valued Verizon MVNOs on the market depending on which plan you are considering.  The new plans and pricing are as follows: The $29.95 plan got a data increase from 500 MB of 4G LTE
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Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular 4G LTE

Page Plus Cellular Claims to Have Released Unlimited Data

Joe Paonessa – Dec 20, 2014
Page Plus Cellular is perhaps the most popular MVNO on Verizon, and they offer no contract cell phone plans starting at $12.  Recently they’ve made some adjustments to their upper echelon plans which include “The 55,” for $55 and a $69.95 plan.  Both plans offer unlimited talk, and text and
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Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular 4G LTE

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular To Get LTE

Joe Paonessa – Nov 12, 2014
Well it’s officially here.  Page Plus Cellular now officially supports LTE.  For the past month and a half they’ve had a soft launch of the service through various resellers but made no mention of it on the official Page Plus website.  Today though that all changed, as they now list
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The Roundup

Joe Paonessa – Jan 14, 2014
In case you missed it, popular Verizon MVNO “Page Plus Cellular” has now finally been taken over by TracFone.  What will become of their service remains to be seen.  TracFone has recently gone on quite the acquisition spree as they also own Net 10, Straight Talk, and Simple Mobile to
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