Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular Adds More Data to $39.95 Plan

Joe Paonessa-May 9, 2016

Long time Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular added more data to its $39.95 plan today. Previously the plan contained 1.5 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text.  With the plan update, Page

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Page Plus Cellular Monthly Plans Now Include More 4G LTE Data

Joe Paonessa-Sep 7, 2015

Page Plus Cellular has increased data on its monthly plans making it one of the best valued Verizon MVNOs on the market depending on which plan you are considering.  The new plans and pricing are

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Page Plus Cellular Claims to Have Released Unlimited Data

Joe Paonessa-Dec 20, 2014

Page Plus Cellular is perhaps the most popular MVNO on Verizon, and they offer no contract cell phone plans starting at $12.  Recently they’ve made some adjustments to their upper echelon plans which include “The

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Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular To Get LTE

Joe Paonessa-Nov 12, 2014

Well it’s officially here.  Page Plus Cellular now officially supports LTE.  For the past month and a half they’ve had a soft launch of the service through various resellers but made no mention of it

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The Roundup

Joe Paonessa-Jan 14, 2014

In case you missed it, popular Verizon MVNO “Page Plus Cellular” has now finally been taken over by TracFone.  What will become of their service remains to be seen.  TracFone has recently gone on quite

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