Page Plus Cellular Announces Unlimited LTE Data Plan
Page Plus Cellular Announces $64 Unlimited LTE Data Plan


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Page Plus Cellular, a TracFone owned MVNO that operates on the Verizon network, has launched a new unlimited LTE data plan for $69.95 a month or $64 with auto pay billing enabled.

The new plan replaces an old one that included 10 GB of high speed data for the same price.

Page Plus's new unlimited LTE data plan comes hot on the heels of Verizon's announcement of its new and potentially confusing unlimited LTE data plans.

Like its predecessor, the new plan also includes unlimited talk and text as well as international sms and a $10 international calling credit.  Free off network  sms text message roaming is also included, but voice roaming costs extra at a hefty 20¢/minute.   There is no data roaming.   Mobile hotspot/tethering is not allowed and taxes and fees cost extra .

To date, all unlimited LTE data plans on the market include some sort of data prioritization policy where if a consumer uses over a certain amount of data in a month their speeds may be temporarily slowed down during times of heavy network traffic.  Page Plus has not stated if their plan is different from others in this way, but it is probably safe to assume that it isn't, and that your speeds may temporarily slow down if you use more than 22 GB of data in a month. The 22 GB threshold is the amount of data that Verizon allows its postpaid customers to use before they potentially experience temporarily slower data speeds.  I don't expect Page Plus's policy to be much different from Verizon's postpaid policy.

In addition to this change, Page Plus has also increased the amount of data included with it's $55 plan ($50 with auto pay billing enabled).  The plan goes from 8 GB of high speed data to 10 GB with 2G data throttling available after the high speed data allotment gets used up.

Page Plus has not made any changes to its other phone plans, and you can see what those are by visiting Page Plus's cell phone plans explained.

For those of you that have been asking, I'm still hearing rumblings about Verizon potentially lifting the speed cap on at least some Verizon MVNO's. Unfortunately, I still don't have anything concrete on this, but if/when I do, I'll be sure to post about it.

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