MetroPCS’s Updated Cell Phone Plans Are A Mixed Bag

MetroPCS Updates Phone Plans
MetroPCS Updates Phone Plans Adds New Promotions For July


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MetroPCS updated its cell phone plan offerings a couple of days ago and at least one if not both of the updated plans are a bit of a disappointment to me.  Before I dig into the reasons why, let's have a look at the updated plans one of which will instantly scream disappointment to you as well.

MetroPCS's Updated Phone Plans

  • $30/month - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1 GB (previously 2 GB!) at high speeds
  • $40/month - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 6 GB (previously 3 GB) at high speeds.  Also includes unlimited music streaming from select providers that does not count against your high speed data cap

Both plans include mobile hotspot at up to their high speed data allotments.

MetroPCS's other two phone plans remain unchanged and are priced as follows:

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  1. $50/month - unlimited talk, text and LTE data with speeds temporarily slowed during times of heavy network congestion once more than 32 GB has been consumed in a month.
  2. $60/month - unlimited talk, text and LTE data with speeds temporarily slowed during times of heavy network congestion once more than 32 GB has been consumed in a month.  Also includes 8 GB of LTE mobile hotspot.

All of MetroPCS's phone plans include taxes and fees in their listed prices.


What I Don't Like

The first thing I don't like about the updated phone plans should be fairly straight forward from what was highlighted above.  In a world where everyone has been increasing the amount of data included with all of their phone plans, (see H2O Wireless, Straight Talk, and US Mobile to name a few) MetroPCS has decided it would be a good idea to decrease the amount of data included with it' $30 plan! In fact, the T-Mobile owned MVNO actually cut the amount of data included with the plan in half, to just 1 GB!

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About a week ago, T-Mobile quietly raised the price on it's T-Mobile ONE Plus plan to price match Verizon's unlimited LTE data plan.  Now, both of MetroPCS's updated phone plans basically match what AT&T Prepaid offers at the $30 and $40 price points.  Both of these moves raise the question to me, "are T-Mobile/MetroPCS trying to be more like the bigger network brands that they've poked fun at over the past couple of years?"  I certainly hope not.

Now more with that updated $30 phone plan.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile have really dropped the ball here and missed out on a great opportunity to set industry standards for the other carriers to follow, and instead opted to be followers.

Several months ago, T-Mobile quietly discontinued it's "secret" yet popular $30 prepaid plan that included 100 minutes of talk, with unlimited text and data with the first 5 GB at LTE speeds.  The plan even included some form of Binge ON and Music Freedom.  With that plan disappearing, and T-Mobile consolidating its phone plans into less options, I had hoped a similar plan would reappear with MetroPCS.  Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.

I suppose T-Mobile didn't want its MetroPCS brand to undercut it's other MVNO partners when they priced this plan, but even still, the new plan isn't competitive at all.  I recommend to steer clear of it, but you don't just have to take my word for it.  You can see for yourself by visiting this list of cheapest cell phone plans, or the definitive guide to cheap phone plans.

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The updated $40 plan is a better deal and much more competitive in the market place, but even still, for just a little more than $5 more per months subscribers can sign up with Simple Mobile and get an unlimited LTE data plan.

Besides updating their phone plans, MetroPCS has also announced some limited time promotions.

July 2017 Promotions From MetroPCS

  • Customers can get two LG K20 Plus phones with 32GB of internal storage for FREE after instant rebate when they switch two lines to MetroPCS.  Customers are only responsible for paying the sales tax
  • Customers that add a line of service can get half off the LG Stylo 3 Plus – a savings of $84 – OR get half off ANY device priced $99 or less.
  • Subscribers to the $40 6GB plan can now add additional lines for just $25 each with taxes and fees included
  • Subscribers can also get an unlimited 4G LTE data plan for $50 per month, or two lines for $80

You can find out more about the promotions by visiting

What do you think of the latest changes and promotions from MetroPCS?  Leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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James Neubauer
James Neubauer
1 year ago

To hell with all these changes fck this new garbage. I am looking for a new provider as of this minute.

BobbieJo Weston
BobbieJo Weston
2 years ago

I have metro pcs and the service SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Andrew Duncan
Andrew Duncan
3 years ago

I’m personally excited about the $40 plan. I do 2 phone lines for myself and wife. $65 (32.50/line) is less than at&t pp and way less than crickets 4gb at $35. With metro, you also get unlimited music, Hotspot, wifi calling, taxes included, & voice roaming. They’re also giving some decent phones away for free. I believe AT&T pp only does Hotspot and voice roaming. Just waiting for t-mobile’s 700mhz to be expanded in Wisconsin. Though I’m sure that expansion along with 600mhz are and will continue to be the cause of price increases.