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iPhone 14 Pre-order Deals

iPhone 14 Prepaid And MVNO Provider Preorder Deals

Bridget Cox - Sep 10, 2022
The preorder iPhone 14 deals for the various wireless providers are rolling out and big savings to bring in new subscribers and for customer upgrades seem to be common themes. The iPhone 14 is an eSIM only device, limiting where you can find some prepaid and MVNO provider preorder deals.
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iPhone 7 Is Now $49.99 At Metro By T-Mobile

Metro By T-Mobile Offering $40 Unlimited LTE Data Plan And $49.99 iPhone 7

Joe Paonessa - Feb 6, 2020
Metro By T-Mobile launched a new offer today.  Switchers can now pick up an iPhone 7 for $49.99.  It was previously priced at $99.99.  Also available is a new unlimited LTE data plan priced at $40 and an offer of 2 unlimited lines for $65.  Metro is marketing the $40
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The 32GB iPhone 6S Is On Sale At Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Has The 32GB iPhone 6S Available For $99.99 To Switchers

Joe Paonessa - Mar 8, 2019
Cricket Wireless is once again selling the 32GB iPhone 6s for $99.99. The sale price is for new customers that port in a number from anywhere other than AT&T.  New customer pricing is regularly set at $199.99.  The offer is said to be a repeat of a deal that Cricket
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More Holiday Offers From AT&T

AT&T Announces More 2017 Holiday Offers Including Free Phones With Qualifying Prepaid And Postpaid Plan Purchases

Joe Paonessa - Nov 21, 2017
AT&T has announced a few more holiday deals.  Some are live now and some will go live in just a few days. ZTE Maven 3 The first offer is for a ZTE Maven 3 and it is available online only.  AT&T Prepaid will give you the device for free when
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$100 Off select phones Verizon Deals

Verizon Offers Annual Upgrade Plan for iPhone Users

Joe Paonessa - Sep 26, 2015
It seems like every carrier and prepaid provider wants to fight hard for your iPhone 6S dollar.  Verizon Wireless is one of those carriers and they have announced a device payment option for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users that allows for an upgrade to the newest iPhone every
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Do ATT and/or Apple Engage in Anticompetitive Behavior in Regards to Select ATT MVNOs?

Joe Paonessa - Feb 20, 2015
Cellular Data Network Settings Disabled on iOS with ATT MVNO SIM Cards        I was recently contacted by a reader who is having a problem with getting their AT&T carrier unlocked iPhone 5S to fully work with ATT MVNO Airvoice Wireless. The individual presented with a rather peculiar issue in
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Sprint New iPhone Every Year With Early Upgrade

Joe Paonessa - Oct 27, 2014
Sprint Amends iPhone Every Year Program With Early Upgrade Option Sprint recently amended their iPhone for Life program, and now you can get a new iPhone every year, but is it worth it for you?  Let’s take a closer look at this new policy. First off, you must purchase an
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T-mobile Uncarrier 5.0

Joe Paonessa - Jun 18, 2014
T-mobile Try Before You Buy and Unlimited Streaming Music T-mobile had plenty to say today with it’s latest UnCarrier announcement.  If you’ve always wanted to try a new carrier but had doubts as to if you’d really like it, T-mobile has just made it easy for you. They are now
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Sprint MVNO FreedomPop now offers the iPhone

Joe Paonessa - May 1, 2014
FreedomPop, a unique Sprint based MVNO in that they actually offer a free service plan, now allows you to bring your own iPhone (4) to their network or you can buy a refurbished iPhone 5 directly from them for $349.  With the FreedomPop free voice and text plan, any iOS
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