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Tello Mobile Offering ROK Mobile Customers 50% Off Their First Month

Tello Offering 50% Off To ROK Mobile Subscribers
Tello Offering 50% Off To ROK Mobile Subscribers
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Several days ago ROK Mobile abruptly ended service on the Verizon network.  Consequently subscribers were left scrambling for a new service provider.  ROK Mobile publicly stated that it was their choice to end their MVNO agreement with Verizon.  At least one dealer said otherwise.  The dealer stated that it was Verizon who ended the agreement.  I believe the sudden disruption of service supports that dealer's claim.  But if it was ROK Mobile that really ended it, their subscribers were  treated unfairly with the move.  ROK Mobile stopped selling service on the Verizon network a few months ago, but subscribers had been allowed to keep their plan.  So the service eventually coming to an end was something to be expected.  No matter who was at fault, it should have been handled differently.

ROK Mobile still remains a provider of phone plans on AT&T's network.  New subscribers can signup for service at any time.  The MVNO also has some Sprint network legacy subscribers.  At the same time ROK Mobile stopped selling service on Verizon's network, it did the same with the Sprint network.  Customers already on a Sprint based plan got to keep it, but new subscribers could not sign up for it.  Given the fiasco that just happened on the Verizon side of things, ROK's Sprint customers may want to consider looking elsewhere for service.

Tello's 50% Off Offer Details

Tello Mobile is an MVNO on the Sprint network.  Tello wants you to consider leaving ROK Mobile for their service.  To help persuade you, Tello is offering 50% off the first month of service to ROK Mobile switchers.  The offer will only be available until August 9th and requires the use of the coupon code ROKSWITCH.

Tello allows its customers to custom build their own phone plans.  Subscribers can pick an allotment of minutes to pair with an allotment of data or vice versa if they so choose.  No matter how a plan is configured, it will include unlimited texting.  Plans with voice minutes include calling to Mexico, China, and Canada at no additional charge.  Plans with mobile data can be used for hotspot.  Some popular plans on the network are shown below:

  • $7.00 first month - 1GB 4G LTE data, regular price of $14
  • $9.50 first month - 2GB 4G LTE data, regular price of $18.00
  • $12.00 first month - 3GB 4G LTE data, regular price of $24
  • $14.50 first month - 4GB 4G LTE data, regular price $29
  • $19.50 first month - 10GB 4G LTE data, regular price $39

All plans shown included unlimited talk, text and data with data speeds reduced to 2G or 64Kbps once the plans high speed data allotment gets used up.  Taxes and fees are not included in the prices shown and cost extra.

Although Tello is marketing this offer towards ROK Mobile subscribers, it should be available to anyone looking to subscribe to Tello as a new customer.

Before making the switch, consider checking out my review of Tello.

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