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Boost & Metro Launch New TV Ad Campaigns, Consumer Cellular Breaks Into Top 100 In National TV Ad Spending

Consumer Cellular Leads MVNO And Prepaid Wireless Providers In Jan 2020 TV Ad Spending
Consumer Cellular Leads MVNO And Prepaid Wireless Providers In Jan 2020 TV Ad Spending
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Consumer Cellular led all MVNOs and prepaid providers in national TV advertising this past January by placing in the top 100 in national TV ad spending.  No other wireless provider placed in the top 100.  Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research told BestMVNO he was unable to recall another time when Consumer Cellular had a spot in the top 100.  Wave7 Research recently detailed the findings that were based on checks of ad databases including iSpot.TV in a note the firm sent out to its subscribers.

Also noted in the report was the launch of new commercials from Consumer Cellular, Boost Mobile and Metro By-T-Mobile.  Boost and Metro also launched new taglines.

Consumer Cellular: "See How Much You Can Save"

Consumer Cellular dominated the TV airwaves in January with the help of a new commercial.  The ad features a man and a woman walking their dogs in a park.  The man is shown live-streaming a video of his dog with one of the women asking him if he worries about paying for all of that data.  The man calmly responds "oh no, I'm on Consumer Cellular."  A second woman shows up with her dog to chime in that she also has a great plan with Consumer Cellular and is able to send pictures of her dog every day to each of her grandchildren.  The other woman is bummed out because her kids haven't even seen a picture of her dog, inferring that data and messaging costs are too high on her plan to send them.  The ad continues on to say that Consumer Cellular plans start as low as $20/month for talk, text & data.  It ends with a narrator asking viewers to "see how much you can save" at and mentions that the brand can also be found at Target.  You can check out the full commercial below.

New Boost Mobile Commercial Launches With "Step Up With Boost Mobile" Tagline

Boost began airing a new commercial in January featuring a new tagline "Step Up with Boost Mobile."  The commercial, which is shown below, features two men finishing up a run in the park when one of the men gets bit in the behind by a dog.  While being bitten, the man screams "this is painful" as he is simultaneously trying to load something on his phone but he cannot do it due to his current provider's slow data speeds.  The ad also points out Boost's current offers of 4 unlimited lines for $100 and its switcher offer of 4 free Samsung Galaxy A20 phones.  The ad ultimately asks viewers to step up with Boost Mobile to avoid the pain of slow data speeds offered by other wireless providers.


Metro By T-Mobile Launches New Commercial With "Rule Your Day" Tagline

At the beginning of February, Metro launched a new commercial featuring the tagline "Rule Your Day."

The new commercial depicts a woman by the name of Daniella who "rules" by working hard, taking things into her own hands, and hustling to open a business of her own.  Metro suggests that it's all made possible for Daniella thanks to the "best unlimited plan in wireless" and switchers can get that unlimited LTE data plan for just $40/month "all on T-Mobile's nationwide 5G network."  You can check out the full ad below.



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