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Boost Mobile Has The iPhone 7 For $29.99

By Joe Paonessa – Jan 29, 2020
iPhone 7 Is Now $29.99 At Boost Mobile
iPhone 7 Is Now $29.99 At Boost Mobile

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Boost Mobile has just had a promo reset, and several new offers are now available.  The lead offer is for a new iPhone 7 for just $29.99. Some dealers are also pushing the offer as a buy one get one for that price as well.  That’s industry best pricing for the device.  Metro-By-T-Mobile has next best pricing offering it for $99.99.

Other available offers from Boost Mobile that are now available include 4 free Samsung Galaxy A20’s, and up to 4 free LG Stylo 5’s as well.  The Moto G7 Play remains free. Some of the new promos are simply recycled older offerings but pricing on the iPhone 7 is certainly new. The iPhone 7 Plus is also available through select Boost Mobile dealers for $129.99 as is the pre-owned 64GB iPhone 8 Plus for $49.99.  Both of those offers are also for switchers only.

iPhone 7 And Other Offers Fine Print

All offers are scheduled to run until 4/2/20 or while supplies last (update 4/17/2020: the offer has been extended until 5/12/2020).  So it looks like these will be Boost Mobile’s tax season deals. The fine print is basically the same for all offers and is as follows:

  • Customers must port to an unlimited plan priced $50 or higher or an unlimited family plan
  • Those coming from Sprint or a Sprint-related carrier are not eligible for the deals
  • The Stylo 5 BOGO offer will give customers up to 4 free phones.  Customers that port one line in will be eligible to get 2 free phones.  Customers that port 2 lines in will be eligible for up to 4 free phones.  Those activating a new line of service without porting in will have the option to buy one phone for $159.99 to get one free.
  • Offers exclude sales tax
  • All offers are in-store only

One other long-standing offer that is still in place is 4 unlimited LTE data lines for $100 with each line getting 1GB of mobile hotspot to use. The deal is also for new customers only and requires at least one line to port in from a carrier other than Sprint or a Sprint MVNO.

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