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EasyGO Adds More Data To Monthly Unlimited Plans
EasyGO Adds More Data To Plans, Get 2GB LTE Data With International Calling For $30/Month
Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2019
EasyGO has updated its wireless plans.  The MVNO that is run by H2O Wireless and now owned by Pure TalkUSA has increased the data allotments offered on its two unlimited monthly plans. The MVNO’s $20 unlimited plan now includes 500MB of data at 4G LTE data speeds.  It previously came
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EasyGO Sent Out SMS To Subscribers With Notification Of A Change To Data Add On Cards
EasyGO Reduces Amount Of Data Included With $10 Data Add On Card
Joe Paonessa - Sep 21, 2016
AT&T MVNO EasyGO has reduced the amount of data that comes with its $10 data add on card.  The company sent out a text message to subscribers informing them of the change, and was notified of the text message by a site reader.  Previously the card included 1 GB
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EasyGO Cell Phone Plans Explained. Everything To Know Before Subscribing
ATT MVNO easyGO Adds New Phone Plan With Unlimited International Talk To 80 Countries
Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2016
AT&T MVNO easyGO has launched a new cell phone plan aimed at those who require copious amounts of international calling and texting.  The new plan is priced at $30/month and it includes unlimited talk, text, MMS, international text, and international talk to 80 countries ((International Calling Countries- American Samoa, Andorra,
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EasyGO Wireless Logo
EasyGO Wireless Adds Auto Pay
Joe Paonessa - Feb 24, 2016
Updated: 6/10/2016 Some subscribers are now reporting that the auto pay option is no longer available. 2/24/2016 It appears that AT&T MVNO EasyGO is now offering auto pay/auto recharge with their monthly unlimited plan according to a recent poster at In order to signup for auto pay customers will either
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EasyGo Unlimited Plan
easyGO Offers Unlimited Talk, Text, MMS and International Talk and SMS for $20/Month
Joe Paonessa - Oct 3, 2015
EasyGo Unlimited Plan EasyGO, the ATT MVNO that is owned by H2O Wireless, has just announced a new plan dubbed “easyGO Unlimited” that costs $20/month.  The plan features unlimited talk, text and MMS as well as unlimited international talk to 11 countries ((Canada including mobile, China including mobile, France, Hong
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