Cricket Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Subscribers Said To Get Mobile Hotspot Via A $10 Add-On

Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot Add On For Unlimited Data Plan
Cricket Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Subscribers Will Soon Have The Option To Add Mobile Hotspot To Their Plan


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A day after Cricket Wireless silently discontinued it's $55 - 3 Mbps unlimited data plan, a HowardForums subscriber posted that those on Cricket's other unlimited LTE data plan will soon have the option to add mobile hotspot to it.

Cricket has always offered mobile hotspot as an add on package for any plan priced $50 or higher, excluding its unlimited LTE data plans.

According to the poster, mobile hotspot will be available as an add on package priced at $10/month for 8 GB of data.  This is the same rate that those on Cricket's $50 plan currently pay for the feature.

The package will become available to subscribers on October 8th.

Updated: 10/8/17 - Cricket has announced mobile hotspot compatibility will be available for the following phones:

Compatible Phones with $60 Unlimited Plan


  • Apple iPhone 5S 16GB
  • Apple iPhone 6 32GB
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Not sold online)
  • Apple iPhone 6S (Not sold online)
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus (Not sold online)
  • Apple iPhone 7 32GB
  • Apple iPhone 7 128GB
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
  • Apple iPhone SE 32GB


  • LG X charge


  • ZTE Prelude+ (Not sold online)
  • ZTE Elate (Not sold online)
  • ZTE Fanfare 2 (Not sold online)

The addition of mobile hotspot to Cricket's unlimited LTE data plan is not surprising and had been a bit overdue.

T-Mobile's prepaid brand MetroPCS has long offered an unlimited data plan with mobile hotspot for $60/month.  The same is true of Sprint's prepaid brand Boost Mobile.  Boost Mobile includes 8 GB of mobile hotspot with its $50 unlimited data plan.

As you can see, Cricket Wireless's unlimited data plan with the mobile hotspot add on will make Cricket the most expensive major carrier prepaid brand to include mobile hotspot with an unlimited data plan.  The premium price does at least come with premium coverage, however data speeds are severely lacking when compared to the other major carrier prepaid brands.    Cricket Wireless's unlimited data plan has its LTE download speed limited to 8 Mbps.  Boost Mobile and MetroPCS do not limit their plans this way.

The addition of mobile hotspot to Cricket's unlimited data plan now leaves Verizon as the only major carrier to not include or at least offer hotspot with either its MVNO's or it's own prepaid unlimited data plans.

Sources HowardForums 

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Guy on youtube said only available on 3 phones.