Cricket Wireless Now Has Over 9 Million Subscribers

Cricket Wireless Surpasses 9 Million Subscribers
Cricket Wireless Surpasses 9 Million Subscribers


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Cricket Wireless, the prepaid brand owned by AT&T has announced that it now has over 9 million subscribers.  Since being formally acquired by AT&T in 2014 the company has doubled its subscriber count.

"Our ability to double the Cricket subscriber base in just four years after the acquisition is owed to a razor sharp focus on our customers - who we thank for coming along with us on this journey.” - John Dwyer, president, AT&T Prepaid Portfolio

Dwyer went on to suggest that prior to their purchase of Cricket Wireless, the prepaid industry was mired in complexity.  One could also say the same for the postpaid industry.  None the less, Dwyer proclaimed that "customers deserved more" and thus Cricket employees and authorized retailers dedicated themselves to fixing the problems.  He further explained that their solutions allowed them to gain customers trust, and gave them a simpler, smarter wireless experience.

In 2017 AT&T merged its AT&T Prepaid brand with Cricket Wireless to form one business entity known as the AT&T Prepaid Portfolio.  AT&T says its consumer prepaid portfolio was the fastest growing prepaid provider in 2017 and now serves over 14.9 million subscribers, up over 1 million from the prior year.

Unfortunately, Cricket's accomplishment announcement did not come with any new or exciting customer promotions.

My 2 Cents

It seems that perhaps prepaid subscribers are happy with slower internet speeds compared to their peers, as long as they are provided with good coverage.  Cricket Wireless prepaid plans are limited to a maximum of 8 Mbps download, and up until last month, even one AT&T prepaid plan had speed limitations of 3 Mbps.

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