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Cricket Wireless Launches New Promo, Offering Bonus Data Exclusively At Walmart On $40 Plan

Cricket Wireless Bonus Data Now Available Through Walmart (Photo Credit Wave7 Research)
Cricket Wireless Bonus Data Now Available Through Walmart (Photo Credit Wave7 Research)
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Cricket Wireless has a launched a new promotion.  The new promotion is for a limited time and gives customers an extra 2GB of data to use when they subscribe to Cricket's $40 plan.  The $40 plan normally includes unlimited talk and text with 5GB of high speed data.  The bonus data brings the high speed allotment total up to 7GB.

The price of the plan drops down to $35/month with auto pay billing enabled, taxes and fees included.

According to Wave7 Research, this offer is only available at select Walmart locations.  My local Walmart does not even carry Cricket Wireless.  The offer is not available at Cricket Wireless stores.

There is little else to provide by way of details, other than it is for new customers.  New customers who subscribe will get the bonus data for 12 months. It was first spotted by Wave7 Research at Walmart about a week ago, so that's a pretty good indicator as to when the promo was first launched.

It is possible this offer will later become available directly through Cricket Wireless.  Often times we see wireless providers first test out promos exclusively in stores or through dealers before they become more widely available.

Walmart has become somewhat of a hot spot for exclusive deals in prepaid wireless.  This new bonus data offer from Cricket Wireless joins several Walmart exclusive offers from other providers.  Boost Mobile offers double the data on its $35 plan exclusively through Walmart.  New subscribers get 6GB of data instead of 3GB.  New Total Wireless customers have been able to get 6GB of data on the $35 plan instead of 5GB.    For a limited time that bonus data offer is said to now include 9GB.  Verizon has also offered bonus data on plans sold through Walmart.  Straight Talk Wireless at one point announced an increase in the amount of data included with its plans through Walmart.  So if you are in the market for prepaid wireless service from a major brand, it may pay to shop first at Walmart.

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