Straight Talk Wireless Adds 2 More GB Of Data To The 45 Dollar Plan
Straight Talk Wireless Adds 2 More GB Of Data To The 45 Dollar Plan


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Yesterday, after reading a post on Howard Forums I wrote that there was the possibility that Straight Talk Wireless was about to increase the amount of data included with one of its cell phone plans.  A poster thought he had seen that Walmart was selling Straight Talk SIM's advertising that the $45 plan would come with 10 GB of data which was to have started on August 22nd.  Nobody had been able to confirm this.

Straight Talk Wireless Adds 3 More GB Of Data To The 55 Dollar Plan
Straight Talk Wireless Adds 3 More GB Of Data To The 55 Dollar Plan

Today, after a trip to my local Walmart, I am happy to report that this story is true.  Straight Talk did increase the amount of data included with the $45 plan.  Not only that, the $55 plan got a data bump as well.   I'm still not sure if these are Walmart exclusive plans, as Straight Talk has yet to update its website to reflect these changes. (Updated 9/29 - Straight Talk Wireless has updated its website to contain the new plans.  They are no longer Walmart exclusive promotional offerings but are now permanent plans from the company that will not expire. )

I tend to think the updated plans are not Walmart exclusive given that it's now possible to get a plan with 10 GB of data from Total Wireless for $45 when you purchase Total Wireless's $35 phone plan in conjunction with a $10 - 5 GB data add on card.

(Updated 9/2/17, I've heard some reports that this will be a Walmart exclusive deal for the time being. If verified, this post will be further updated.

Updated 9/5/17 - Dennis from Prepaid Phone News, has posted a commercial

advertising that the extra data is promotional and will only be available through 11/20/17.   Given the current state of mobile and TracFone's other phone plans, I highly doubt the extra data will disappear a that time.  )

Total Wireless and Straight Talk are both owned by TracFone, so this is certainly a change that would make sense.  However, unlike Total Wireless, which is a Verizon only MVNO, Straight Talk Wireless operates on all 4 major networks in the USA.

Straight Talk Wireless's Updated Phone Plans Summarized

A summary of Straight Talk Wireless's updated phone plans with the changes highlighted are as follows:

  • Straight Talk Nationwide 45- $45/month ($44 with auto pay) - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10 GB at high speeds, previously included 8 GB of high speed data
  • Straight Talk Nationwide 55 - $55/month ($54 with auto pay) - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 15 GB at high speeds, previously included 12 GB of high speed data

With the changes, Straight Talk Wireless is now the cheapest place to get an AT&T or Verizon based plan with at least 10 GB of data.  (Updated - Net10 has come out with what might even be a better deal.) The Verizon based plan also now comes with full speed LTE data. The Straight Talk T-Mobile and Sprint based plans however aren't as good of a value when compared to other providers that use those 2 networks as unlimited LTE data plans can be purchased at that price point.

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Straight Talk
Since the end of 2017 they started raising the data on a 45$ card it was 12 gb then they started on the 55$ cards and they are completely unlimitated. I only buy the 55$ and never come close to my data slowing down.


Anyone ever hear of Cricket Wireless? Cricket offers the unlimited talk, text, and data for $55 a month also, except Cricket’s unlimited caps off at 22gb instead of 15gb. Cricket is also an AT&T company. I’ve been a long time user of Straight talk but I’d rather have more bang for my buck at an even $55 for more data. Peace out, Straight Talk.


I am a straight talk customer on the new 15 gig plan funny my straight talk account app & if I go online to my rewards page and log in my account there stats I have 2&1/2 gigs left on 15 of 15 gigs but 611611 texted & cut me off at 12 gigs even though both accounts say I have over 2 gigs of 15 but cut off at 12 but 611611 says 2g out of high speed I don’t understand at all


Yet the $50 hotspot card is still only 5gb?

Dennis Bournique

Where (what city) was the Walmart in where the photos of the SIM kits with the “Now 10 GB” and “Now 15 GB” stickers taken? A spot check of a Kansas City Walmart found no sign of the stickers or any other indication that Straight Talk plan data was increased. I think Straight Talk might be test marketing the change in only some markets.


You have the older cards. You will still get the 10GB because they have not updated the cards. Due to competition they could not change the products fast enough. I have a NET10 sim but the card says 5GB but I get 16 instead even though the card says the old plan.