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iPhone 11 Debuts At Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile For $100 Off

Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile Latest Providers To Offer Discounts On iPhone 11 Models
Boost Mobile And Metro-By-T-Mobile Latest Providers To Offer Discounts On iPhone 11 Models
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The iPhone 11 series of devices are now available at both Boost Mobile and Metro-By-T-Mobile for $100 off.  The discount applies to all models in the series.  Inventory doesn't seem to be available online at either provider but should be available in select stores.  Metro-By-T-Mobile explicitly states this on their website, while the Boost Mobile website lists all iPhone 11 series models as being out of stock.

The $100 off deal is likely available only to switchers.  The Boost Mobile website is lacking details about the offer at this time.

Metro-By-T-Mobile says their offer is available for a limited time at participating stores.  There is a limit of 2 discounts allowed per account.  Those currently with T-Mobile or those that have had an account active with Metro-By-T-Mobile anytime within the past 90 days are not eligible for the discount.  There is a $15 activation fee per line.  It doesn't appear that customers will be required to signup with a specific phone plan.  Customers should be able to port-in to any Metro-By-T-Mobile phone plan and still get the discount.  Customers will be responsible for paying tax on the devices.  The offer is not available in Las Vegas or Kansas City areas.

iPhone 11 Series Discounted Pricing For Switchers

Here are the prices you can expect to pay for a new iPhone from Boost Mobile and Metro-By-T-Mobile as a switcher:

iPhone 11

  • 64GB - $599
  • 128GB - $649
  • 256GB  - $749.99

iPhone 11 Pro

  • 64GB - $899.99
  • 256GB - $1049.99
  • 512GB - $1249.99

iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • 64GB - $999.99
  • 256GB - $1149.99
  • 512GB -  $1349.99

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Keep in mind, if you want to take advantage of these offers, the phone you buy will be locked to the network you choose for a period of time.  So you can't buy the phones at a discount with the intent of using them with another provider.  Boost Mobile requires the phone to be used on their network for at least 12 months before it is eligible to be unlocked.  Metro-By-T-Mobile requires the device to be active on their network for 180 consecutive days before it can be unlocked.

Boost Mobile and Metro-By-T-Mobile are two of the latest providers to offer deals on the iPhone 11 series of devices.  Xfinity Mobile is offering $250 cash back if you purchase your device there, Visible is offering a $200 Prepaid Mastercard with purchase, and US Mobile is offering $250 in account credits if you bring your own iPhone 11 to their network.

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