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Verizon Prepaid Now Has Family Plan Discounts, Up T0 $80 In Monthly Savings Offered

Verizon Introduces Prepaid Family Plans
Verizon Introduces Prepaid Family Plans
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Verizon Prepaid has just added more value to its prepaid phone plans today by offering its customers the ability to save money with a family plan.  Customers can now save up to $20 per line on a multi-line account depending on which plan they subscribe to.

Currently Verizon offers 4 unlimited prepaid cell phone plans and they are as follows:

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amounts at high speed.  VoLTE is also included.

  • $40/month - 3 GB of data, includes mobile hotspot
  • $50/month - 7 GB of data, includes mobile hotspot
  • $60/month - 10 GB of data, includes mobile hotspot
  • $80/month - Unlimited data, with data being deprioritized and thus temporarily slowed down during times of heavy network traffic.  Mobile hotspot is unavailable with this plan.

With a multi-line discount, those who have multiple lines on the 3 GB plan will receive $10 off per line on lines 2-5.  Those on the 7 GB plan will receive $15 off per line on lines 2-5, while 10 GB and unlimited plan customers each get $20 off per line on lines 2-5.

Verizon Prepaid multi-line accounts are limited to a total of 5 lines.  Prices shown do not include taxes and fees, which will cost extra.

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Ron Zanders, the executive director of Verizon Prepaid had the following to say about the new changes:

“Now you and four members of your family can get onto one prepaid plan and say goodbye to creating separate accounts for everyone......Combine that with the flexibility of mixing different prepaid plans to fit each member of your family and Verizon Prepaid Family Account is a really great value.”

For quite some time, Verizon had been the only major wireless carrier to not offer multi-line discounts to its prepaid customers.  The change today was long overdue and helps the brand to be more competitive in the multi-line market space.  Still, those with multiple lines looking to get the best value for their prepaid dollar on the Verizon network should take a good look at Total Wireless where much cheaper prices can be found.

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