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Verizon Prepaid Directly Offering Double Data For Life

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 27, 2018
Verizon Prepaid Now Offering Double Data For Life
Verizon Prepaid Now Offering Double Data For Life

Last month, independent Verizon prepaid dealers were able to offer a double data for life promotion.  The deal got interested persons scrambling for a way to find independent dealers in their area.  People had to jump through hoops to get it.  Slowly some dealers began posting the promotion on eBay and Craigslist.  Today, there are no more hoops to jump through.  Verizon has made the deal available to anyone who wants it directly on the Verizon Prepaid website.  (Update 7/24/18 - the offer no longer appears on the Verizon website, and a tipster said it expired on 7/23/18)

Verizon Prepaid Double The Data For Life Details

Verizon Prepaid's double the data for life promotion is available to new lines only.  The double data amount won't show up in your shopping cart when you go to purchase a plan.  The double the data amount is not even readily seen at the time of this writing on Verizon's website. Verizon does say that once you purchase the plan, you will see the double the amount of data in your My Verizon account dashboard.

Verizon Prepaid Double Data For Life Plan Summary
Verizon Prepaid Double Data For Life Plan Summary

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amount of data at 4G LTE data speeds.

  • $30/month - 1GB of data, normally includes 0.5GB
  • $40/month - 6GB of data, normally includes 3GB
  • $50/month - 14GB of data, normally includes 7GB when purchased directly from Verizon, and 9GB when purchased from Walmart.  I'm not sure if you can get double the data if you buy the plan from Walmart since it already includes extra data.
  • $60/month - 20GB of data, normally includes 10GB.  Also includes unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

All of the plans with data limits include data carryover, mobile hotspot and unlimited international texting to over 200 countries.  Data only carries over for one billing cycle, and subscribers must make on time payments or have autopay billing enabled on their accounts to get it.  Video streaming is limited to a resolution of 480p, and during times of heavy network traffic, data speeds will be slower than Verizon's postpaid customers.

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The double the data for life promotion is also good for multiple lines.  Verizon Prepaid does give a discount to those who have multiple lines, and the multi-line discounts are as follows:

  • $40 plan - $10 off per month for lines 2-5
  • $50 plan - $15 off per month for lines 2-5
  • $60 plan - $20 off per month for lines 2-5

The double data for life promotion is said to be for a limited time, with no projected end date in sight.  You'll get to keep the doubled data for as long as your account remains active.  I do suspect that these plans will be made permanent at some point.  Without double the data, they are not all that competitive compared to other carrier prepaid plans.

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