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Ultra Mobile Promo Will Get You A Phone Plan With 50GB Of Data For $39

Ultra Mobile's Unlimited Plan Is Now Available At A Discount
Ultra Mobile's Unlimited Plan Is Now Available At A Discount
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Ultra Mobile has launched a new promo. The T-Mobile powered MVNO is offering its $49.00 plan with unlimited everything including the first 50GB of data each month at up to 5G data speeds for 20% off. With the discount applied, the price of the plan is just $39 plus taxes and fees. The plan also supports mobile hotspot and comes with a $5.00 international calling credit and a $5.00 international roaming credit. Videos typically stream at a resolution of 480p.

Be aware that Ultra Mobile says the plan includes "Unlimited High-Speed 4G LTE Data." However, under the plan's specifications the fine print reads "for unlimited data subscribers, after 50GB, speeds slowed for remainder of 30-day cycle." The terms of service for the plan also state that subscribers will experience increased latency after the 50GB data threshold is crossed.

This promo likely has some other fine print, but Ultra Mobile has been rather vague about it in its marketing materials. I reached out to the company for comment, but had not received a response at article publication time.

Ultra Mobile is advertising the discounted rate as being a limited time offer. No end date for the promo has been specified. From the best that I can tell, the offer is for new customers only. On the plan's details page it says "enable auto-recharge at checkout to pay $39/mo on all future monthly payments." Ultra does not specify if that's $39/month for life or until the promo is no longer offered. I'm inclined to believe customers will continue to pay the discounted monthly rate until the promo ends.

Editor's Deal Analysis

With the discount applied, for single line plans Ultra Mobile is now offering the largest amount of unthrottled high-speed data for the price out of all providers. However, for just a $1 more per month at $40, customers can upgrade to a truly unlimited high-speed data plan on Visible or Yahoo! Mobile, both of which use Verizon's network. Also available for $40 is a switcher promo unlimited high-speed data plan on Metro-By-T-Mobile.

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