Twigby Updates Plans To Include More Data Get 2GB For $10

Twigby Adds More Data To All Plans
Twigby Adds More Data To All Plans


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Twigby, the Sprint MVNO with voice and text roaming on Verizon, has just increased the amount of data included with all of its plans.  One featured data allotment now includes 2GB of 4G LTE data for $10/month.  Previously only 1GB of data was included.  Twigby's base talk plan also includes more minutes.  For $9 customers can now get 300 minutes, instead of 200.  New customers can get 25% off the listed rates for 6 months.

Twigby's Updated Talk And Data Allotments

Twigby allows its subscribers to pick the number of minutes that they'd like their plan to have each month for a set price.  Data allotments can then be added to their plan at various price points as well.

Twigby's Updated Voice Allotments

Here are Twigby's updated voice plans, with changes highlighted and special rates listed for a new customer's first 6 months of service:

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  • 300 minutes 200 - $9/month, or $6.75 for new customers
  • 500 minutes - $11/month or $8.25 for new customers
  • 1000 minutes - $13/month, or $9.75 for new customers
  • Unlimited - $15/month, or $11.25 for new customers

Taxes and fees are not included in the price and cost extra. Global texting to over 180 countries is included with all plans at no extra cost.

Twigby's Updated Data Allotments

Here are Twigby's updated data plans, with special rates listed for a new customer's first 6 months of service:

  • 200MB 150MB - $3 or $2.25 for new customers
  • 600MB 500MB - $6 or $4.5 for new customers
  • 2GB 1GB - $10 or $7.5 for new customers
  • 3GB 2GB - $15 or $11.25 for new customers
  • 5GB 4GB - $25 or $18.75 for new customers

Subscribers can use their data for tethering/mobile hotspot if their phone supports it.  Unlimited 2G data is included after the listed amount of high speed data gets used up.

Editor's Take

Sprint MVNO prices have been dropping quite a bit lately.  This move was needed by Twigby in order to be able to continue to compete in the market.  Even with the updated prices, Twigby still isn't the cheapest game in town.  For instance, an unlimited talk plan with 2GB of data will cost you $25/month on Twigby.  While that's not expensive, the same plan will only cost you $19/month on Tello.  Where Twigby really shines is with its inclusion of free talk and text roaming on the Verizon network.  That's something that Tello does not have, and something that most Sprint MVNO's don't have either.

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Catherine McClarey
Catherine McClarey
2 years ago

I was a customer of various Sprint-based MVNOs for several years (including Tello, mentioned in the post above), and found that I would sometimes lose Sprint’s signal while travelling through rural areas in my part of central IL. Verizon seems to have a lot more cell towers locally than Sprint does, though, so talk/text roaming on Verizon would be a nice feature. (I currently have a dirt-cheap Red Pocket Mobile $60/360 days plan, but am seriously considering springing for something with a more generous data allotment when that plan is about to expire. Love my “universal unlocked” phone, that gives me the flexibility to comparison-shop plans regardless of carrier!)