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Twigby Offering 25% Off For 6 Months, Get Unlimited Talk And Text With 2GB LTE Data For $22.50

Twigby Offering 25 Percent Off For 6 Months
Twigby Offering 25 Percent Off For 6 Months


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Twigby has just launched a new promotion.  New customers can now get 25% off of their first 6 months of service. The new promotion is a replacement for a previous offering that gave new customers 50% off for their first two months of service.

Twigby's 25% Off Discounted Phone Plans

Twigby offers its subscribers the ability to custom build their own phone plans. Customers first choose the amount of minutes that they want, and then if desired, pair that with a data package. All plans come with unlimited domestic and international texting, free roaming on the Verizon network and unlimited 2G data.

Twigby is a Sprint powered MVNO.

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Voice Packages

  • 200 minutes - $9/month or $6.75 for first 6 months
  • 500 minutes - $11/month or $8.25 for first 6 months
  • 1000 minutes - $13/month or $9.75 for first 6 months
  • Unlimited minutes - $15/month or $11.25 for first 6 months

Data Add On Packages

  • 150 MB - $3/month or $2.25 for first 6 months
  • 500 MB - $6/month or $4.5 for first 6 months
  • 1 GB - $10/month or $7.5 for first 6 months
  • 2 GB - $15/month or $11.25 for first 6 months
  • 4 GB - $25/month or $18.75 for first 6 months

Customers can move up to a different plan mid-month if they so choose, and they'll only be charged for the differences between each plan price.

Taxes and fees cost extra and are not included in the prices shown.

Twigby says that it is offering the discount only once per phone MEID number and that a maximum of 5 discounts can be had per person/account or household.

There is no word as to how long the promotional pricing will last. The company says that it can pull the plug on it at any time. Twigby's last promotion went on for 5 months.

In addition to the plan promotion, Twigby is also selling select phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $50 off which in this case amounts to $298.

Start Saving With Twigby!

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Catherine McClarey
Catherine McClarey
2 years ago

If I weren’t on a Red Pocket ultra-cheap 360-day plan, the Twigby promo would be very tempting. Last year Republic Wireless also did a “6 months of discounted service” promo for new GSM BYOD customers which was even better (pay for the 1st month & get months 2-7 free); after the free service period ended, however, my bill went to $20/month (for talk/text/1GB data/month), so cheapskate me switched to Red Pocket. Since I don’t use that many voice minutes, Twigby’s 200 min./month voice plan would be enough for me, combined with either the 500MB (OK most months, but iffy if I’ll be doing a lot of travel in a certain month) or 1GB (enough for me even during travel/vacation months) data plans, which would cost me $11.25-$14.25/month combined for the first 6 months, and $15-$19/month afterwards. (To match the Republic Wireless plan I had, upping the voice bucket to unlimited would make the combined price $18.75/month for the first 6 months & $25/month afterwards — but I never need unlimited voice minutes.) My “universal unlocked” Moto G4 Play is certainly not the fanciest smartphone out there, but I love having the flexibility to try any U.S. carrier. (I was a RingPlus and then a Tello customer before the switch to Republic Wireless, so I know I can get a Sprint signal most of the time in my part of mostly-rural central IL, and the voice roaming on Verizon would be a great backup in some of those more remote rural areas.)