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Twigby’s Latest Offer Will Get You Unlimited Talk, Text And 4 GB Of Data For $20/Month

Twigby Offering 50 Percent Off First Two Months Of Service
Twigby Offering 50 Percent Off First Two Months Of Service
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Twigby has just launched a promotion for new customers.  Those who make the switch will receive 50% off of their first 2 months of service.

Twigby operates as a Sprint MVNO, with free talk and text roaming on Verizon's network.  The MVNO allows you to custom build your own phone plan by pairing a talk plan with a separate plan for data.  All talk plans also include unlimited text.

With the 50% off promotional rates applied, customers can build their own phone plan from the following options:

Talk Options With Unlimited Texting

  • 200 minutes - $4.50
  • 500 minutes - $5.50
  • 1000 minutes - $6.50
  • Unlimited - $7.50

Data Options

  • 0 Data - $0
  • 150 MB data - $1.50
  • 500 MB - $3
  • 1 GB - $5
  • 2 GB - $7.50
  • 4 GB - $12.50

So those looking for the best deal on the Sprint network can pair the $7.50/month unlimited talk and text plan with the $12.50/month 4 GB data option and walk away paying just $20/month for a plan with unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of data.

Twigby's prices do not include taxes and fees, they do cost extra.  Mobile hotspot is allowed, but data only plans are not.

The Fine Print

The 50% offer will automatically be applied to the customer's first two billing statements.  The deal can only be claimed once per device MEID number.  A maximum of 5 lines per account or household are eligible for the offer.

Additionally, Twigby allows it's subscribers to turn on and off what it calls "data overage protection."  With the feature turned on, once a subscriber goes over their high speed data limit, their speeds will be reduced to 2G until their next billing cycle.  With the feature set to off, if a subscriber goes over their data allotment, they will automatically be bumped up to the next highest data plan.

Twigby has not said how long this promotional offering will be made available.  They did say that it could be discontinued at any time.  So if you are in the market for a new plan on the Sprint network, head on over to Twigby before this limited time offer disappears.

Get 50% Off From Twigby!

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