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TPO Revamps Phone Plans And Offers Another 50% Off First Month Of Service Promo

TPO Wireless 50 Percent Off September 2016
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TPO Mobile has altered its phone plans and not all for the better.  The Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO has been in business about a year now and has revamped its plans a few times since inception.

On the plus side, the MVNO has added a new plan featuring 1 GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text for $21/month ($26 without autopay).

Unfortunately, TPO Mobile has raised the price on two of its other plans.  The Noble Plan which includes 2 GB of data and was previously priced at $30 got increased to $33.  The Hero Plan which includes 5 GB of 4G LTE data got a big bump up going from $45 to $55/month.  Both plans include unlimited talk and text.

In addition to the above plan changes, TPO Mobile is also running another 50% off on the first month of service promotion on select plans.  The promotion will last until September 30th.  The plan changes including the promotional discount offering are summarized below:

TPO Plan Changes And Promotion

All plans unless specified include unlimited talk and text.  All plans come with data that is hard capped.

  • Kind Plan - 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 500 MB 4G LTE data $21/month or $16 with autopay.  Currently the plan is on sale for the one month price of $8
  • People's Plan - 1 GB data $26/month or $21 with autopay.  Promotional price is $10.50
  • Noble Plan - 2 GB data, $33/month $28 with autopay.  Promotional price is $14
  • Caring Plan - 3 GB data, $40/month or $35 with autopay.  Promotional price is $17.50
  • Hero Plan - 5 GB data, $55/month or $50 with autopay.  There is no promotional discount with this plan.
  • North America Plan - 2.5 GB data, $44/month, or $39 with autopay.  There is no promotional price with the plan.  The plan includes unlimited mobile and landline calling to Mexico and Canada.
  • Gracious Plan - discontinued.  Plan contained 7 GB of data for $65/month, $60 with autopay.

In addition to the above plans, a tablet plan is also offered that features 2 GB of data priced at $25/month or $20 with autopay.


It is likely that TPO Mobile was not seeing many signups for its $65 monthly Gracious plan with 7 GB of data so that is probably why it was eliminated.  The plan was not particularly competitive in the marketplace given that there are now carriers and MVNO's offering unlimited 4G LTE data plans for $65 and less.

The Noble Plan previously priced at $25/month with autopay and 2 GB of data was one of the better bargains on the market.  Even with the bump up in price to $28 it's still a pretty good deal.

The Hero Plan with 5 GB of data that got bumped up in price from $45 to $55 is a big downgrade in plan pricing for TPO.  Customers interested in T-Mobile and Sprint service can find cheaper plans elsewhere such as with Straight Talk Wireless, T-Mobile, and Walmart Family Mobile to name a few.

TPO Mobile's other plans are competitively priced and may be worth a look if you are interested in switching to a new provider.

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