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Simple Mobile & Total Wireless Expand Into Sam’s Club, Special Offers Available

Simple Mobile And Total Wireless Launch At Sam's Club (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
Simple Mobile And Total Wireless Launch At Sam's Club (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
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Tracfone brands Simple Mobile and Total Wireless have expanded retail availability by launching in Sam's Club. The move was first observed by industry analysts at Wave7 Research. Both brands are also carried in other big box stores including Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

The expansion comes as part of the ongoing efforts by some phone service providers to seek out new revenue streams and increase brand awareness that further differentiate them from competitors. Just recently, both Total Wireless and Simple Mobile expanded product offerings by partnering with to offer Telehealth services. And last November, Simple Mobile launched a hotspot plan for the connected car.

There Are Some Discount Offers Available At Sam's Club

Plan Offers

Simple Mobile and Total Wireless have both launched at Sam's Club with special and discounted offers. The plans themselves are currently being sold both in-store and online at slight discounts compared to other retail locations and online stores. For instance, Simple Mobile's $50 unlimited plan and Total Wireless's $50 plan are both available for $47.98. It's a small discount for sure, but it's still there. All plans from both providers are sold at a small discount, with Total Wireless's $100 plan getting the largest discount at $5.02 dropping the price to $94.98.

Phone Offers

Both in-store and online the iPhone 8 Plus is being highlighted as available for $389 for Simple Mobile and Total Wireless. This is a notable discount compared to purchasing the phone direct from either brand's website where it is selling for $449.99. The $449 price tag is also what the phone goes for at Walmart. Other phones have received smaller Sam's Club discounts. For example, the iPhone XR is available for $589, compared to $599.99 direct from Total/Simple and at Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy A20 is $169.98 instead of $179.

You can check out all the latest offers by visiting your local Sam's Club, although as noted by the picture above, a wider product range is available online.

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