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New Tello Promo Offers 25GB LTE Data For $39/Month

Tello Mobile Launches Promo Plan With 25GB Of LTE Data
Tello Mobile Launches Promo Plan With 25GB Of LTE Data
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Tello Mobile has just launched a promotion. New subscribers can now pick up an unlimited talk, text, and data plan with the first 25GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds for $39/month.  The plan normally comes with 12GB of data.

Offer Fine Print

This offer is for new customers only.  New customers are described as those who don't already have an account with Tello.  I was previously subscribed to the MVNO last year when I did my review of Tello. I am no longer subscribed to Tello but I was still able to log into my account today and it appeared that I could subscribe to the plan if I'd like to.

This is a limited time offer, and Tello has told me that it should be available for at least one month.

Those who subscribe to the plan will be able to keep it for life.  However, customers that decide to switch to another plan will not be able to go back to the promotional plan.

Besides the unlimited talk, text, and 25GB of LTE data, the plan also includes unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, and China.  Mobile hotspot is included and available to use with the plans full allotment of data. Taxes cost extra.

Editor's Take

Tello is a Sprint MVNO, and according to my table of Sprint MVNOs, there are some great value plans to be had at the $40 and under price points.  Tello has long been a price point leader in those segments, but the competition has been heating up lately.  For instance, fellow Sprint MVNO Hello Mobile offers 15GB of data for $25/month while TextNow offers 23GB for $39.99.  Given Tello's history, that makes me think that this limited time offer will be made permanent at some point, or at the very least there will be more data permanently added to the plan.

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