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New Promo, Switch To Tello And Get Up To 5 GB Of Data Free

Tello Free Data Promo July 2017
Tello Has Launched A Free Data Promo For Those That Make The Switch
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It's been about a month since Tello, last offered a promo.  Today, July 17th, Tello has launched a new promo that will give those that port over free data for their first month of service on any plan priced at $10 or more.

Tello is a Sprint MVNO that allows its subscribers to custom build their own phone plans.  Available data add on options with Tello range from 200 MB to 5 GB/month.  With the new promo you can get any amount of data that you choose free of charge within that range.

Tello announced the new promo through the following post on their blog:

Buy any plan, data is on us


Long time no promo, right? Since during the summertime, there’s nothing like a great cocktail to cool off with, we couldn’t stop thinking about what sweet combinations to mix up next for our customers!


We came up with a data offer that is designed to give you the full taste of the Tello flavor: Buy any plan, data is on us! You heard it right, yes: buy any phone plan of $10 or more & the data option you choose for the plan is free, whether it’s 200MB or 5GB! You know by now that we are not into complicated promo procedures, fine prints or fairy dust in order to get the offer - it’s easy peasy at Tello: use code 1DATAMIX at checkout starting this day!


A breezy data offer is perfect when it comes to enjoying more for less and let’s face it, free data goes a long way in terms of saving extra money and making the difference between one wireless carrier and another.


Here’s the recipe for this COOL offer


Technically a cocktail needs four elements and it has been that way since long before Prohibition, so let’s see what's in the shaker this time:


  • Take one smart newcomer that switches to Tello starting July 17, 2017

  • Add a cell phone plan with mixed minutes, texts & data of $10 or more in any combination - that means you can even get a plan with text or minutes only, and still enjoy the free data offering

  • Stir in one juicy coupon of 100% free data: 1DATAMIX and get any data option free of charge, from 200MB to 5GB

  • Enjoy this limited promo cocktail for your first month with Tello

Get this offer today, only at Tello!

Tello's customized phone plans start priced at just $5/month.  Subscribers are able to put together a talk, text or data only plan or any combination thereof if they so choose.  All data containing plans include unlimited data that gets throttled to about 64 kbps once the plans high speed data allotment gets used up.  You can find out more about Tello and get this offer by heading on over to the Tello website with coupon code 1DATAMIX.

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