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T-Mobile Offering BOGO Deal On Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge Devices: Bonus They’ll Also Pay Up To $650 For Switching Providers

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge BOGO Deal T-Mobile
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Starting tomorrow, March 10 on you'll be able to get a free Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge by way of a prepaid MasterCard when you buy either of those devices on an Equipment Installment Plan.  The deal will also be available in T-Mobile stores starting on March 11th for those of you who prefer the in store experience.  There is of course some fine print which I'll get back to in a moment, but first T-Mobile has a few other limited time offers going to try and sweeten the deal.

  1. The carrier is willing to pay your switching costs if you take advantage of this offer to the tune of up to $650 to cover your costs when you trade in your old device.
  2. T-Mobile is also offering discounted rates for family plans with Unlimited LTE data access.  Families can subscribe up to 4 lines for $50 each month with the 4th line being free.  A single line Unlimited LTE plan from T-Mobile regularly costs $95/month so this is a really good deal for families who require Unlimited data.  T-Mobile's Unlimited LE does include some fine print though.  Users who go over 25 GB of data in a month will have their speeds temporarily reduced during times of heavy network usage, until their next billing cycle begins.

T-Mobile via Samsung is also offering a year of Netflix free as well as the Gear VR headset for those who order either of the devices by March 18th.

BOGO Fine Print

A credit check is required and both devices must be purchased on an Equipment Installment Plan.  New customers must open a new account and existing customers must add a new line to an existing account to be eligible for the promotion.  All taxes and down payments must be paid at the time of purchase.  Your account must be kept in good standing at all times.  A maximum limit of two free devices will be given out per account. This BOGO deal is estimated to end on March 17th,  2016.

If you are interested in either device you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge here.

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