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Simple Mobile Updates Data Add-On Cards, Get 2GB For $5

Simple Mobile Has A New Data Add-On Card Option
Simple Mobile Has A New Data Add-On Card Option
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Last April, Simple Mobile introduced add-on cards.  Fast forward one year later, and the prepaid provider has pushed out an update to those add-on cards. The first change to note is that there's a new data add-on card option available. Subscribers can now purchase 10GB of additional LTE data for $20.  The data will only last for the billing cycle that it was purchased in.  Unused data does not carryover.

The other notable updates include that more data has been added to the two other data add-on cards that Simple Mobile offers.

Simple Mobile's Data Add-On Card Changes

The two updated data add-on cards with the changes highlighted are as follows:

  • $5 - 2GB of 4G LTE data.  Previously included 500MB.
  • $10 - 5GB of 4G LTE data.  Previously included 1.5GB.

Neither option includes data carryover, so if the data doesn't get used up before the next billing cycle, it is lost.

I cannot say for sure when the two data add-on cards got updated, but as far as I can tell it was fairly recent.  Simple Mobile has not promoted the changes anywhere on Facebook or Twitter from what I can tell.  What I do know with certainty, is that the new $20 add-on card was added as an option within the past 2.5 weeks.  A Simple Mobile Facebook dealer posted about the new offering today.  A check of Google's cache of Simple Mobile's phone plan page shows that the add-on card did not exist on the Simple Mobile website as far back as 3/31/2019.  The data updates to the two other add-on cards were shown as being available back then.

Simple Mobile offers one other add-on card.  Customers can pay $10 for an international calling card that includes rollover.  No changes have been made to that add-on.

Editor's Take

TracFone brands such as Simple Mobile have been very active as of late with a plethora of plan updates.  While the company's flagship brand Straight Talk Wireless has been growing its subscriber count over the last several quarters (see q3 2018 earnings report, q4 2018 earnings report), the same cannot be said of its other brands.  So that's probably one of the reasons why we've recently seen bonus data offers from Simple Mobile as well as the new plan updates, to try and attract more customers while remaining competitive with other T-Mobile MVNOs.  It's just unfortunate that the newest update to the data add-on cards doesn't include data carryover.  That would certainly make them more appealing to consumers.

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