Red Pocket’s $10 Essentials Plan Includes 500 Minutes, Texts And MB Of Data Good On Any Wireless Network

Red Pocket Mobile eBay Flash Sale
Red Pocket Mobile eBay Flash Sale


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A few weeks ago Red Pocket Mobile updated its cell phone plans with some pretty stellar pricing, especially for the budget consumer.

One of those updated plans included Red Pocket's $10 essentials plan.  The plans were introduced by Red Pocket through an update to the company's website.  Upon announcement the $10 essentials plan came with 500 minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB of data that could be used on any major wireless network in the USA.  The plan also included international calling on any network, with international texting available on the Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T networks.

Shortly after publishing a post about this plan change, a BestMVNO site visitor noticed that the Red Pocket Mobile plan was only showing 100 MB of data on the company's website.  After contacting Red Pocket Mobile they confirmed to me that the plan should only have 100 MB of data, not the 500 MB that was initially reported.

Today, Red Pocket sent out a notification informing me that the plan once again contains 500 MB of data.  It seems that initially a web developer at Red Pocket must have jumped the gun and posted the plan change a little earlier than the company would have liked to.

With the updated plan, Red Pocket's $10 Essentials plan is one of the best values around for the low budget consumer.  In fact by doing a cell phone plan comparison, I could see that there's no other provider around offering that kind of service at that price point.  This is a job well done by Red Pocket to be able to negotiate such terms with the major wireless carriers to be profitable at that price point.

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Stephen Blakeney
Stephen Blakeney

I recently purchased the $60 per year plan from the Red Pocket Store on eBay. It includes 100 minutes, 100 texts, and 500 mb of data per month. It comes with three sim cards so you get to chose your network. One AT&T, on T Mobile and one Verizon. The annual plans do not show on the Red Pocket website and can only be purchased on eBay at this point.


At $10/month, that Red Pocket Essentials plan will certainly be worth considering, once the “buy 1 month of service, get the next 6 months free” promo I’m on with Republic Wireless finishes up. I currently have 1GB cellular data on my RW plan; however, my statements show that I usually use only about 1/3 of that, so 500mb data/month would be quite liveable for me.


“a BestMVNO site visitor noticed that the Red Pocket Mobile plan was only showing 100 MB of data on the company’s website. ”

My first unnamed article mention. haha. Love the site and love saving money. Im using red now and my wife has mint.