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Red Pocket Mobile Ramped Up Its Advertising Spend With TV And Radio Ads

Red Pocket Mobile Launches Multiple TV Ads In June 2023
Red Pocket Mobile Launches Multiple TV Ads In June 2023
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Red Pocket Mobile has ramped up its advertising spend. The firm Wave7 Research detailed in its latest prepaid report that the MVNO launched three new TV ads in June. BestMVNO has since learned a fourth TV ad was also launched. But that's not all, in May, Red Pocket Mobile launched two radio ads that combined to air over 3.5k times. The radio ads seem to have ended in favor of the new TV ads. The provider has also continued to air to a limited extent, TV ads that it first launched in July 2021.

Red Pocket's Radio Advertisements Pitched $600 In Savings

Red Pocket Mobile's radio ad campaign may have been short-lived. A 60-second ad aired over 3,000 times starting on 5/1. However, it has not aired since 6/12. It's unclear if the ad is permanently discontinued or on pause. The ad features a supposed customer that says "I just switched service to Red Pocket Mobile and put about $600 a year back in my pocket.” Listeners were told that plans start at $10/month and "you're in control." The audience was also told that if they hurried they could get an additional 50% off by texting #200.

A similar themed ad aired over 300 times between 5/2 and 5/14. Listeners were also told they could save $600 a year or more on their phone bills. They were encouraged to "text #200 right now to start saving huge money every month."

Both ads emphasized to the listening audience that they could keep the same phone, the same number with nationwide coverage, and no long-term commitments.

Red Pocket's Four Independent TV Ads Launched In June 2023

Red Pocket Mobile launched four independent TV ads during the month of June. Five ads if you want to count two ads separately that are the same but cut for time. The ad 'Baggage' was cut into 15 and 30-second versions. The 15-second Baggage ad was the first ad to launch with airings beginning on June 5th. It features a person holding multiple bags stating to viewers that "Your big wireless carrier's bundle, is a fancy name for baggage." The ad continues with the person stating that they have "quit dealing with other people's baggage." The actress states that they switched to Red Pocket Mobile where you "don't pay for what you don't need." Viewers are then told Red Pocket Mobile's baggage-free plans start at just $10/month. A QR code is then presented on the screen that leads to the Red Pocket Mobile website. The extended, 30-second version of the ad launched on June 13. The extended version, which you can watch down below, adds that Red Pocket Mobile allows you to keep your number, has fast 5G, and a connection to America's top carriers. 

The most recently launched ad was on June 14th. It's entitled 'Tired Of Clipping Coupons?" As you may surmise, it starts off with a person clipping coupons. The person then tells the audience that they can waste time by clipping coupons and collecting cans to save money or that they can do it the easy way by switching to Red Pocket Mobile. Viewers are then told that Red Pocket plans start at $10/month and that they can save up to $600 a year without needing to clip coupons. You can watch it below.

Other TV ads launched by Red Pocket Mobile include 'No Celebrity Endorsements' which tells viewers that Red Pocket is able to offer plans for $10/month because they don't waste money hiring celebrity endorsements. This could be a knock on Consumer Cellular who last year hired actor Ted Danson to be a celebrity endorser. And Consumer Cellular recently started a new marketing campaign that again features Danson. Consumer Cellular plans start at $20/month for a single line.

Red Pocket Mobile also launched 'Uncoupled From My Big Wireless Carrier" a 15-second TV ad that again conveys to viewers that they can save up to $600 a year by switching to Red Pocket.

Thus far, Red Pocket's TV ads have combined to air several hundred times. Generally, independently owned MVNO brands such as Red Pocket Mobile don't have enough subscribers and a budget big enough to run advertising like this. This leads BestMVNO to believe something is cooking at Red Pocket. Either they've achieved plenty of subscribers and enough revenue from them to run the ads, or they've received some outside capital. Either way, this is a solid effort by Red Pocket to try and increase brand recognition and market penetration.

“In launching four TV ads in June, in addition to the recent radio advertising, Red Pocket Mobile is showing some real ambition.  This is an MVNO worthy of attention.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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