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Red Pocket Mobile Has New $60 Unlimited LTE Data Plan, Offering Up To 50% Off All Plans For First Month

Red Pocket Mobile Offering 50% Off Any Plan
Red Pocket Mobile Offering 50% Off Any Plan
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Red Pocket Mobile has a holiday offer running for new subscribers.  New customers can get up to 50% off any plan that utilizes Red Pocket's GSMA, CDMA or CDMAS networks which correspond to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.  Unfortunately, the offer is not available with their GSMT based plans which correspond to the T-Mobile network.

In addition to the 50% off offer, Red Pocket Mobile has a new unlimited LTE data plan available priced at $60/month or $30 for the customer's first month of service.  There is also an iPhone offer available.  Customers that purchase an iPhone will get free Airpods.

Red Pocket Mobile's 50% Off Offer Details And New Unlimited Plan

Red Pocket Mobile's discounted plans for new customers with the pricing discounts highlighted are below.

  • $5/month (reg $10) - 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB hard capped 4G LTE data, available on any network
  • $7.50/month (reg $15) - 1,000 minutes, unlimited text, 1GB hard capped 4G LTE data, available on any network

Available Discounted Plans With Unlimited Talk And Text

  • $9.50/month (reg $15) - 3GB LTE data on CDMAS/GSMA networks, 1GB on CDMA/GSMT
  • $15/month (reg $30) - unlimited data, first 7GB at 4G LTE speeds on CDMAS/GSMA, first 3GB at 4G LTE data speeds on CDMA/GSMT
  • $20/month (reg $40) - unlimited data, first 15GB at 4G LTE speeds on CDMAS/GSMA, first 5GB at 4G LTE data speeds on CDMA/GSMT
  • $35/month (reg $60) NEW PLAN - unlimited LTE data on CDMAS/GSMA, unlimited data first 10GB at 4G LTE data speeds on CDMA/GSMT

All plans include unlimited international texting and international calling at no extra charge.  Red Pocket has previously allowed hotspot with their plans, but I can no longer find any mention of that on their website or on their help and support pages.  It's possible the company is currently in the middle of updating their support pages to further explain the feature since they recently improved support for iPhones on their GSMA network.  This may require Red Pocket to update a lot of their help and support pages.  I have reached out to a company representative for an explanation but had not received one at press time.  I'll update the article as soon as I find out.  Update: 12/27 - Red Pocket has informed BestMVNO that mobile hotspot is still available with the plans.

Red Pocket Mobile's new unlimited LTE plan likely has a data prioritization policy in place, but the company does not yet disclose on their website what that prioritization policy is.  I have also inquired with a company representative about this and will post an update as soon as I get one.  Update: 12/27 - Red Pocket has informed me what their prioritization policy is and it is a little confusing to me and a bit different from typical policy.  The policy "is for reasonable use only and users on our Unlimited Plan may notice reduced data speeds when data usage exceeds an average of 1GB of usage per day during the current billing month for an extended period of time.  Outside of reasonable usage we don't temporarily slow speeds during times of congestion or limit the maximum data speeds on this plan."

Data prioritization policies are used to help prevent customers from becoming network congesting data hogs and so that everyone on the network can have an acceptable experience.  Typically, with a prioritization policy, providers will temporarily slow a customer's data speeds down during times of network congestion once they've consumed a certain amount of data in a month.  Alternatively, some other providers utilize an always-on prioritization policy which means at any time the network becomes busy, unlimited LTE data plan subscribers will have their data speeds temporarily slowed until there is less traffic on the network.

Red Pocket Mobile's "Airpods On Us" iPhone Offer

Red Pocket Mobile started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 11 a few weeks ago.  Now the pre-ordering time period is up and iPhones will ship on order.  With the pre-order time period now over, Red Pocket Mobile is offering "free Airpods on us" with the purchase of any iPhone and service plan.  Several iPhone models are available for purchase on device financing plans as follows:

  • iPhone 7 - starts at $13/month
  • iPhone 8 - starts at $15/month
  • iPhone 7 Plus - starts at $17/month
  • iPhone 8 Plus - starts at $19/month
  • iPhone XR - starts at $21/month
  • iPhone 11 - starts at $25/month
  • iPhone 11 Pro - starts at $40/month
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max - starts at $44/month

Red Pocket does not specify what AirPod model is being offered for free, but it's a good bet it's the base model that valued at $159 and also includes a charging case.

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